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fredag 19. juli 2013

Published on Jul 11, 2013
A government official in Thailand has survived a murder attempt unscathed thanks to his car's bullet-proof windows.

The dramatic footage shows a Thai government official, Paiboon Pansanit, getting into his car, shortly afterwards a gunman can be seen walking up to the vehicle and firing shots inside.

The gunman fired at least seven rounds at point-blank range at the driver's window however the shots did not go through the glass as it was bullet proof.

Police are now hunting for the gunman who ran off with an accomplice, Mr Pansanit was asked afterward if he had any idea who had tried to kill him and replied:
"How would I know? It would be good to know."

Mr Paiboon had been visiting one of Thailand's most notorious mafia figures -- Somchai Khunpluem, known as Kamnan Poh -- at a hospital in Chonburi province.
The shooting happened as he was leaving the car park after the visit was over.

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