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Søk i denne bloggen

søndag 21. desember 2014

Throwing thaigirls when they fight with husband

What is up with Thai girls and throwing things when they are angry.
I have been with Thai woman for now over 11 years and one thing is always same with thai girls.
And that is when you are having a fight like husband and wife, they take remote,phone and things and throw it in your direction.

I have been with white woman and never have this in the relationship.

Today i found a article about this from a thaiwoman.
And it seems there are more men having same problem with their Thai woman with their soap opera behavior.
Try to search about thaiwoman and throwing things.

See here.

And this is not only bar woman that behave in this matter. This is something i have seen with many thai girls.

I am an very calm man. And i have never do anything when i see my wife act crazy like this.
So i have many times had phone, remote, car keys and so on thrown after me.

But last week i saw the answer to this.
Thai woman think they can do because they see alot of soap opera.  And after reading this article below i saw that this behavior need to be taken out.

So my way was simple, not let her ever throw things to you. So i just walk straight on to her and told if i ever get anything thrown at me. I will do the same.
And in thailand thaimen really put this in words. Never let her do this behavior.

But read this article below from our friend Stickman

What We Think are Mistakes Western Men Make with Thai Women

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