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fredag 29. mars 2013

Learn Thai

Jeg fant en liste over steder hvor man kan lære seg Thai.
Legger denne på bloggen. 

If you end up living in Bangkok long-term and want to take on the challenge of learning Thai, there are many options.
Learning to read and write is extremely beneficial because even when a word is written in English, the pronunciation of it will probably be a little off.

Learn Thai.

Thai Language Programs in Thailand and Elsewhere

The following is a list of Thai Language Programs in Thailand and elsewhere that I am aware of. If you have more info or additions to the list, please mail me at

          Thai Language Programs in Thailand.

Language School.

1) AUA
Offers unique "Natural Thai" programs throughout the year, a total of 10 levels. each level equals 200 hours of classtime. The complete program includes reading and writing. Also prepare students to pass the P6 government exam.

Contact address: AUA Natural Thai, 179 Rajadamri Rd., Bangkok, Thailand 10330.

Tel: (662) 0-2252-8170 ext 399, Fax (662) 0-2254-4338


2) Union Language School
Offers Thai courses on many levels. Classes arsmall and instruction is intensive. Writing instruction begins on thethird level. Protestant missionaries also study at this school.

This school is located in the CCT(Christian Church of Thailand) Building 109 Surawong Rd. BKK.

Contact: Phone number (662) 0-2252-8170

3) Nisa Language School
32/14-16 Yenakart Rd. Sathorn, BKK.

Tel. 0-2671-3359-60, 0-2671-3343-44
Fax. 0-2671-3361

4) Unity Thai Language school (UTL)
15th Floor, Times Square Building, 246 Sukhumvit Road (between Soi 12 & 14),

Bangkok 10110 Tel. 0-2653-1538 Fax. 0-2653-1538
(set up and staffed by teachers from the Union language School)

5) PRO Language
Offers sequential and systematic Thai lessons. The courses are designed to cover a variety of topics to meet both personal and business requirements. The most effective and easy way of learning how to read and write Thai is provided. Special "Prathom 6 exam course" also available.

This school is located at 10th Floor, Times Square Building, Sukhumvit Road (between Soi 12 & 14),
Bangkok 10110 Tel. 0-2250-0072-3


University. Bangkok
1) Thai Studies Program, Chulalongkorn University

2) Mahidol University
Contact: The Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development

3) Thammasat University, Bangkok.
Department of Thai, Faculty of Liberal Arts offers basic Thai course for foreigners. The 48 hours course covers speaking, reading and writing. Classes meet Tuesday-Friday afternoon for 3 hours each day.
Intensive Thai language and culture course is also offered.

Contact: Department of Thai, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University. Tha Prachan campus)
      Tel: (66 2) 221-6171....80 ext 2608 or (66 2) 221-7623 (direct line) during office hours (Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00 Bangkok Time)

1) Study Thai in Chiang Mai program,
Center for Teaching Thai as a Foreign Language,
Chiang Mai 50200

Contact person: Associate Professor Sriwilai Ponmanee (Director). 

Faculty of Education (Dept of Secondary Education)


Tel: (6653) 221285

Description: 8 programs available, Program VII is from July 22-Sept 30 (9 weeks) and Program VIII is from Aug 16-Sept 30 (6 weeks)(90 hours for US$900 and 60 hours for US$600 respectively). 

          Thai Language Programs Elsewhere.

1) SEASSI (Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute)
offers intensive programs for Thai and other southeast asian languages every summer. Usually held at a university in the Southeast Asian Studies Consortium. For summer of 1998, SEASSI is held at University of Oregon.

2) Capilano College, North Vancouver., Canada
the only college/university credit Thai language course in Canada, since 1988 (???)

Level taught: Beginner (and Intermediate upon request)  
Hours : Intensive ( 2 terms @ 84 hours in 14 week term)  

Coverage: Beginning level prepares the student for social interaction on a broad level with Thai people. AUA transcription is used in the first term and the script is introduced in the second term.
Intermediate level focuses on reading.

Contact address: Jim Placzek

 3) Continuing Education Program, Langara College. , North Vancouver., Canada
A short introduction to Thai language

Level taught: Beginner  
Hours : 20 hours in 10 weeks  
Coverage: it is intended for people who are planning to travel in Thailand but want more than the usual tourist experience, for people who are planning to live or work in the Kingdom, or for people who would like to take the full credit course, but are not sure.  

Contact address: Jim Placzek

  4) Northern Illinois University
Center for Southeast Asian studies at NIU offers intensive Thai courses (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced) via Department of Foreign languages. For further info, see: Center for Southeast Asian Studies at NIU

  5) UCLA
offers introductory Thai course under SSEAL Program, Applied Linguistics Department
6) Ohio University
Beginning Fall 1998, Thai is being offered at Ohio University for graduate students only in a new `Critical Languages' program that will also feature Siswati and Brazilian Portuguese.
For information contact Jim Coady:

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