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onsdag 1. mai 2013

Broke American Milked Dry By Dead Thai Wife

A 63-year-old American asked for help from the Ministry of Justice, claiming that his deceased ex-wife and her family had embezzled 40 million THB from him. He lost everything and now has to live in a temple, he said. 

JANTABURI – April 30, 2013, [PDN]; At the Department of Rights and Liberty, an American sought assistance for an embezzlement claim.
The victim, Mr. Roger Ray Harpel, 63 years old, was accompanied by Provost Samuhadeva Jinnavaro, from Permthamjarern temple, Saikhao, Soydao, Jantaburi.

Mr. Roger came to complain to Pol. Col. Narat Sawetanan, the general director of the department, to get help in his legal case. The American claimed his deceased ex-wife and her family had embezzled 40 million baht from him, leaving him broke.

His Thai ex-wife, “Miss Nathiyanee” (surname reserved) had already passed away, but she had arranged for the assets worth 40 million baht to be transferred to her mother, a pensioned retired government teacher.

Mr. Roger said he first came to Thailand in 1989. He married a woman and had a child, before they got divorced. Mr. Roger then got married again to Miss Nathiyanee, and they had 1 daughter together.
In 2005, he decided to start a company, but he was not Thai. So Mr. Roger had his wife legally made the company director, and run the business for him.

But in 2007, Mr. Roger discovered his wife had embezzled 11 million baht from the company, to give the money to her relatives. So he notified the police, who obtained a warrant and arrested her. She later bailed herself out, to fight the case in court.

However, in 2010, Miss Natthiyanee had an accident and died. Her mother filed a motion to legally inherit her assets, and be named as the company director. But Mr. Roger filed a motion to oppose it.

The court later issued an order that the two parties had to manage the company together, and have an agreement of compromising. The agreement called for them to sell the properties, and if one party found a buyer, it had to inform the other party.

However, Mr. Roger said he has not received any compensation or return of any of the properties, although some of them had been sold.

“Now I have nothing left ,” Mr. Roger said. “When I came here from the U.S. I has 25 million to invest. But I had problems, because I don’t know Thai. So I believed the lawyer, who lied and got money from me. I was lured to sign in a compromising agreement, but it wasn’t my intention. So this made me have a legal disadvantage throughout,” he said.

Mr. Roger added that his ex-wife and her family have literally left him penniless. “Now I have no money and no shelter, and I have to live in a temple.”

Mr. Roger asked the justice department to help him to find a lawyer to fight the case in the court. He also wanted a translator to translate all documents in English, so he would know the details of the progress of the case.

Mr. Roger further wanted a lawyer to file for legal custody of his daughter, and also wanted money for a DNA paternity test.


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