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tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

Why Thai Girls Are Better Than Western Women

En hvit mann syn på thai jente.

I always seem to get a bad rep from from Thai girls I’ve offended so I thought I’d write a post about why I think Thai girls are better than western women. Though now I’ll probably get a bunch of responses from western women who take just as much offence. In fact I don’t think it’s possible to write about any topic as a matter of my own opinion and not get flamed. I’m just saying that I think Thai girls make way better girlfriends than western women and here’s why.

Thai girls are more agreeable
As you get older there are more and more things that you find irritable you might have tried and don’t like. Thai women are more subservient and are more likely to go along with whatever you want to do. Trying to get a western woman to do something you want to do is like trying to push a bulldozer uphill. They always want to have the last thing to say however with Thai girls they are more subservient and willing to go along with what you want in order for the guy to be happy.

Thai girls make better housewives
Ask any guy who has made their life with a Thai girl and they’ll tell you that Thai girls really take care of you so much more than a western girl. From doing the laundry to preparing meals a Thai girl knows how to run a household and make sure everything is up to scratch while you sit down and watch the game. Most Thai girls (except for Northern Thai girls) can cook really well, these days you’d be hard to find a 25y/o western woman who can cook well.

Thai girls are better looking on average

Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those Farang who despise western women. I think western women are super hot but the percentage of hot chicks to ugly chicks is super high whereas for Thai girls there are more super hot chicks here on average compared to western countries. Now this may just be because I prefer asian girls and if so I can live with that.

Thai girls are thinner
While most Thai girls are skinny they arn’t toned like a western girl who does yoga 4 times a week however a Thai girl is very petite and let’s face it most guys would prefer a chick who is thin. It’s a fact that the western world has the highest percentage of really fat girls especially the USA and Australia. Which would you choose?

Thai girls know their place
Most Thai girls would say that for a relationship to succeed there must be one inteligent and one less intelligent person in the relationship. (I didn’t make this up it’s been told to me a hundred times). And most Thai girls would want the smarter person in the relationship to be the male. Whether it’s true or not that’s what their hope is to have someone who is smarter than them so they can follow him around. A western woman always thinks she’s smarter than you and does everything possible to let you know that she is. She has something to prove and needs to beat you at everything causing immense problems within the relationship.

Thai girls have a better attitude
Sometimes Thai girls melt down and chuck bananas but for the most part they have a great attitude and always seem happy which then gives you a good vibe. Western women on the other hand seem to be permanently on the rag, they find any reason they can to torture you with their incoherent nonsense. Don’t believe me? Hows this, a Thai girl doesn’t sweat the small stuff bet you’ll never hear a Thai girl rag on you because you left the toilet seat up. If a Thai girl told me that I’d quickly put her in her place and make sure she leaves it up when she’s done so I don’t have to touch it dammit! Which then goes back to my first point a Thai girl is more agreeable and of course happy to do so.
Now i’m sure there are plenty of people who agree with me that Thai girls are better than western women and if so and have your own thoughts please leave me a comment below. If your a western woman who was offended by this then let me know why you think western women are better?

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