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tirsdag 30. april 2013

Misbelieve that Asian have about living other Country

Many times i hear in Thailand and from other asian, that they belive that some farange have money more then they can handle.

So to day i wanted Asian to see how much it cost to live in norway compare to Thailand and Phillippines.

I would like to tell Asian that the belive is wrong.
You never think about cost of things in Norway, Sweden,Findland and so on.

You never think about you need heat in house, clean snow cost 75 baht pr time. And you need to clean snow sometimes 3 times a day.

Energy cost is much higher then you ever had in Asia. Because house will be cold in winter.
Sometimes the temp is -30 degrees and if you not have heat from a fireplace or use electrical heat, you will die if you not heat your house to 20- 25 degrees.

The misbelieve that i hear in Thailand is compare to how Thailand is. You only look on how much money foreigner has in their paycheck.
But you never see how mush things cost.

So today i ask all asian that want to come to norway to check cost level.

There are so many things that thai think is so easy. Many times i hear that " I only eat..... and that is cheap".

Let us now see some prices.

See this take away in Oslo. 

Or in North of Norway

And this place has cheap take away.

In Oslo It is much more you need to pay for take away.

So one meal cost: 125 kr x 5 = 625 Baht for one meal.

So if your family going to eat, 4 people. Then for one dinner it cost 2500 baht.

When did you last time pay that in Thailand?

But there are always more things that come. To use the road to work you need to pay:

27 kr for 1 time.

But when you go home you need to pay also.

So pr day you spend:  54 kr .

For 22 day in one month 54x 22 = 1188 kr or 5940 baht pr month

Then you have things like, pay for VISA in Norway.

So i think before Asian start to dream about going to another place, start by checking how much things really cost.

Maybe then you would understand that the money that you get every month really not  cover the cost of living.

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