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tirsdag 30. april 2013

The Grand Palace in Bangkok - Rules !

To day i visit The Grand Palace in Bangkok


And that i must say i never going to do again !

For a few times have i been so angry. I visit this place some years ago.

But now they have made rules for all.

One rule is that you need to wear long pantes or you will not be able to enter.

And there are 3-4 woman from the army the see if people have long pantes on or not.

And if that is not enough they have 14 soldier to take care of the bad people that has short pantes.

 " You have to wear long pants" And SIR SIR  when someone just walk on.

 And they run after and stop people that had short pants.


Well this guy not follow that rules, so i said " no i will not use long pants, because it is 35 degrees and there is no wind inside."

I will faint in this heat ! "

Maybe Thai is able to handle the heat, but for foreigner the heat inside this tour is near what a human is able to handle.

I understand that some western woman use a short that show to much. And that is not respectful, but this is to much.



You can visit other places in thailand or in other Asian country with short pants, then i think it is not worth the hassel of using long pants that 500 other people had on for 1 day before you come.

Why make yourself miserable for 2 hour because of the heat .And you might need to go hospital where you need to pay 100 000 baht for this tour?

I say NO, that is something that Thai should understand is going to far with their rules.


So i said i have another choice, " She come with NO NO

So i said "i can go home and then not recommend this place ever to anybody."

She just stand and looked angry at me. So i turned around and walked out.

Well she got a message from above, when all her things was blown by the wind. And she got the sunshade in her head.

Maybe a higher power agree with me on this point ?


Also you need to pay 500 baht for a guide, because they have added so many rules that you have to follow.

Well as an free human i have a choice not to pay.And there was so many other that come that turned around and walked out also.

Outside there is cheaters that let you borrow long pants for 30 -50 baht. And other things .

And now you saying that is nothing.

Well take 500 people pr day.

500 x 30 baht = 15 000 baht.

That is an salary for a someone in a bank in Thailand.
(Start salary is 18 000 baht). And this they get for 1 day.

1 month = 22 days (Work days for normal people)

22 days x 15 000 =  330 000 baht pr month


Or 50 baht x 500 baht and then you need an unbrella also for 30 baht:

 50x 500 people

 30x 500 people


= 25000+15000 baht = 40 000 baht.

40 000 x  120 days = 480 000 baht.

Or if there was for a 1 year:

40 000 x 365 days = 14600000 baht.

No this is wrong !!!! 

Now there are so many ways that cheaters attack us foreigner in Thailand. And i say that this have to stop.

Where is the respect for us that get cheated from this?

And when did a higher power say it is ok to cheat like this ? And that outside from his temple. 


No wonder that he hit the guard in the head with the sunshade. !

When should Thai understand that this also might backfire.

There is other places to go, and other asian country that not has all these rules.

Also and this is the most stupied thing of all.







You are not allowed to take photos inside the The Grand Palace

I ask why go to an attraction and not be able to show what you did in Thailand to friends and family.

So to all that have plan to go here.


And go to:


 And then watch this movie on youtube to see this place.


 See also this video for the rules.

In this video :

400 baht for entry.

400 x 500 people = 200 000 baht pr day.

Pr year 73000000 baht.

Read also:

Gem scam experiences - Bangkok

--- > Not take Tuk Tuk in Thailand ever is my rule.









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