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mandag 3. juni 2013

Plastic Surgery and Thai girls

I come over a news that i found funny.
Think about how many thai girls that do Plastic Surgery. See this story.

Man Sues Wife for Being Ugly, Wins 


Read the story here

In Asia there is a trend that all should look like a cartoon. Big eyes and all should have a V shaped face.
Also there is a big trend to get nose job done. The way is to get silicon implant in nose.

This is easy to see if you have an eye for that.


But watch this video from korea.

I will then show some video about thai woman.

This is how thai girls prefer to look like.
This woman has done surgery on eyes to make them bigger. Then use contact lens to het bigger eyes.


In Thailand you can buy lens even on the street.

Nose job that many Isaan woman do.

Eyelid surgery

Forehead and Chin implants

Number 1: Jaw reduction surgery & Cheekbone shaving

7 Strange Thai Beauty Products and Treatments

Thai Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

See some before and after picture of Asian surgery

Top 6 Scariest Plastic Surgery Procedures

 Asian Eyelid Surgery: Photos


  The cost of being 'pretty' in Thailand


My point is that you never know what you get in Thailand. And you might end up as the man from china.

  Asian nose implant




  Nb ! ikke for de med svakt hjerte.

  I think that many of  Thai girls that do this, has to get the money from a way that is not right.

And my own mind it that the surgery are paid by cheating a foreigner for money. But this is only a view from my side.


5 kommentarer:

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  2. No thank you. This is made because many men not know about how many woman from Thailand. (Issan, Isan, Esan ) make them look better. And many times these men that met these woman have to pay for this work these woman want done. I have now many cases that this happen to. And when they have gotten these medical beauti things done. They move on. And after that a man that had hope and dream about family only sit back with debt for paying for all surgery that these woman want done. Also there are people that need to know about how many thai girls cover where they are from with this way. If many men see that they are isaan they will not date a woman like that. So these girls use surgery to cover up, and say they are from Bangkok. And after a while they start to do "isaan" way to get money from a man that not know these things. And that is why "thaibloggen" was born to tell the truth about how these women play to trick a man. I do not attack plastic surgery, but i attack how that is uses to catch "foreigner" men. I hope i made this clear. I know men that is now almost bankrupt because of woman like this first marry. Then make the men pay for plastic surgery. And the are left with mentale problem, debt and a broken heart. And not on my watch that is going to happen.

  3. Also if a woman has do surgery, and they get a kid. How would that kid look like. When you never seen a woman with her real face?

    I think that is something that you should know before you marry someone.
    Then tell someone that " i have done som plastic surgery before" and i looked like this before. And then show picture. That might be that a man do not want then to have a kid with a woman that look like that (Before picture) I only point out what i have been told by many men about that.

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