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søndag 25. mai 2014

Crackdown on Thaksin near friends

Yesterday military crack down on money that was transported out from Thailand.

It has been told me that this money come from drugs. And it was told me that this money was meant to go to Thaksin.
There is people that is in Thaksin inner circle that has been taken with this money. If this is true i can not confirm.Anyway this was 20 million baht in the car that was taken. ( Red shirt leaders car)

All this is US dollar
In the back you see Thai baht.  

There also have been taken hard weapon from redshirt leaders near Chang Mai.

It has been told that redshirt was planning to us "Khong Khan " model to make problem in Thailand. 

The Thai military work really fast in Thailand. And are more  effective then the police.

All i want to say is

for good work

The Protest against the coup has now tried to get more people. They pay 400 baht pr head for people that want to fight against the soldiers.
This message show that Thaksin pay people.
I will put this out on this blogg

(This message received by LINE )

Here people responsible for making protest tell that they will pay 400 baht for anybody that will protest.  

News on coup protest
Anti-Coup Demonstration on Jomtien Beach

NCPO warns anti-coup protesters of punitive actions


Thailand coup: protesters oppose military takeover - video

*** Breaking news ***

*** Breaking News The Nation ***

Answer to USA.
When they cut their aid to Thailand.

US cuts aid to Thailand

Bangkok Post
Passport office set to reopen

"The Department of Consular Affairs will resume operations at its main office on Chaeng Watthana Road on Monday next week after anti-government protesters left the area following the military coup on Thursday"

Rival coup prisoners demand separate living quarters "Dozens of key Pheu Thai, red shirt and anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) figures who are reportedly being detained at an army facility in Ayutthaya’s Wang Noi district have refused to sleep under the same roof. "

Senate gone in junta cleanout 

The Nation 

Rice payments tomorrow

Prayuth says transfers made for suitability of current situation

Junta dissolves Senate, set to form legislative assembly

NCPO cites three coup reasons to tell foreign govts

"Army says 22 in custody after being found with weapons; says they had orders from red-shirt leaders to carry out attack in Khon Kaen"

Thai Pbs

Junta continues purging Thaksin’s political clan

Coup protesters detained



Military junta assumes absolute power and begins the purge
"The dissolution of the Senate could pave the way for the appointment of a national legislative assembly to act as Parliament and draft a new constitution. The disbanding of the Senate ended speculation that the Upper House might appoint the next prime minister."

Thai coup leader warns against protests
LIVE: Anti-coup protests continue after Thai junta dissolves Senate


Thai military tightens grip, focuses on economic woes


Isaan Record

Opposition to Military Coup in Khon Kaen


Puket Wan

Coup Commander to Repay Rice Farmers 40 Billion Baht Through Bank Tomorrow


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