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torsdag 1. mai 2014

The Final Battle is coming - 14 may

Yesterday the drum sound was heard in Bangkok. Suthep announces 3-step action plan to oust Thaksin regime

 Return to Ratchadamnoen tipped for ‘final battle’
Suthep announces 3-step action plan to oust Thaksin regime

 And in the same time The Old Thaksin regim got a blow from court in Thailand.


Court orders Pracha, Samak's family to pay damages in BMA fire-vehicle purchase

Ex-city governor Samak’s heirs ordered to pay 587.5 million baht to BMA

As a member of Thai Rak Thai Party and a friend of Thaksin is seems that the court has found him guilty for corruption.
It have taken some time but all is coming for a day.

In the mean time Yingluck announced

Election set for July 20

It all becomes funny when first coruption charges  still is not over for Yingluck. And she  still think that election is possible to be hold in 20 July.

It will be more money that is used in a way that not benefit Thailand.

Yingluck rise scandal claim new victim.

Rice farmer kills himself over debts from unpaid rice money

It is strange that redshirt people still support Thaksin regime.

When there own people not get paid for their ris.And are forced to sell land and house to pay their debt.

The victims from government corruption are the poor rise farmers that is redshirt.

And they kill themself because of their own peoples corruption.

But still they support them. They must have a bigger heart then anybody in the world.

How can a prim minister announce election when a criminal charge is still going on.

In Japan the prim minister left the post because of ferry scandal.

But in Thailand all scandal is being swept under the carpet and then still going on strong with new election.

I stopped reporting about this for a long time. 

Why ?

Thailand is the place where anything is legal as long as you have money.

And for me as a foreigner i really think it is a way to do things that not is in my believe.

Before i come to Thailand i thought that Thai Buddhist people never did same things as Christan people. Lying, cheat and so on.

I believed the image that Thai give to the world where they have respect and never harm .

That is now only an image. Thai people is one of the worse people in lying.And they will do anything for money.

Of course this is not all people. But in my eyes i have never seen anything like i have seen i Thailand.

Never trust a Thai that become more and more clear.


14 may is a day that all foreigner should know about. Stay away from any protest, because it will be more violence. And you might get hurt is you are in some of this areas.

Thai pro-government activist shot dead



Thailand Says It Will Try to Hold an Election in July

 Abhisit says amnesty also covers BMA fire truck purchase corruption case

Pracha gets jail, Apirak acquitted in fire trucks scandal

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