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tirsdag 16. september 2014

To briter i 20-årene drept i Thailand

Link to the source of published storie here

Sept 16 – Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-o-cha has ordered the Thai authorities to speed up their investigation into the murder of two British tourists on Ko Tao Island in the southern province of Surat Thani. Gen Prayuth told journalists before attending today’s cabinet meeting that the incident has tarnished Thailand’s tourism image, stressing that police officers have been ordered to intensify the hunt for the suspects in the double murder. Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, in charge of internal security, also urged police and relevant authorities on the island to speed up search for the murderers. Unclothed bodies of two British nationals with multiple wounds were discovered on a beach near a bungalow on the island early Monday morning. They were later identified as David William, 24, and Hannah Victoria Witheridge, 23.

Police found blood stains, a blood-stained hoe – believed to be the murder weapon — and a used condom near the bodies. (MCOT) 

Police have launched a manhunt for the killers of a Caucasian couple who was found beaten to death on the beach of Tao Island, Surat Thani province, this morning.

The two victims were among hundreds of foreign tourists who flocked to Ree beach in Tambon Koh Tao for full moon party on Sunday night. Police suspected that the couple left the party and took a leisure stroll on the beach and encountered men who tried to rob them. They were however killed when they attempted to resist the robbery as the male victim’s back of the head was crushed believed by a hard object and the woman’s face was also smashed, also believed by a hard object.

Pol Lt-Gen Panya Mamen, commissioner of 8th regional provincial police and Pol Maj-Gen Kiatpong Khaosam-ang, commander of Surat Thani provincial police, accompanied by forensic experts went to the crime scene this morning after being notified of the murder. The police later ordered a closure of all the peirs and port on Tao island to prevent the killers from escaping in case they are still on the island.

Two british tourists were found dead on Sairee beach-Hat Sai Ri Beach in Koh Tao island in Surat Thani province Monday morning. The bodies of a female and a male tourists were undressed. They have serious wounds on their heads, local police said. Police said both were at their twenties . A bloodstained hoe was found at the scene. Forensic police are at the scene to investigate


2.Koh Tao murder manhunt focusing on migrant labourers 

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