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tirsdag 2. september 2014

Travel with bad habit people

After a long holiday in Norway i am back in Thailand.
There are many things that you can see when you travel. Today i want to talk about when you travel.

I the news in Thailand Times (See here)

They talk about how to make a flight most comfortable. But what if the travel is not comfortable because people that you travel with make your flight to a living hell.

Let me talk about my first flight to Thailand.

I got the seat next to the emergency door and my legs was to long for this seat. So i was sitting like "turn to the left " from Oslo to Bangkok.

After that trip i had to go to a Thai massage. But that was not the worst. I got next to a couple from Germany. And at first the was nice an talked polite and nice.
But over "Poland" they started to drink a lot. And because i never travel like this before. I soon come in a living hell.

To be at at party where everybody is drinking then you not see all that happening. But try to be little travel sick, and have people that drink Brandy from Poland to Bangkok next to you while you try to have room enough for you long "viking" legs.

The smell of alcohol when you feel like throwing up is not a good feeling. And how do you tell someone that first look like a millionaire when the travel start that, and when you arrive in Bangkok they look like a street person " Can you stop drinking please".

And that is what nobody talk about.
This trip i had people that break wind next to me all the time. What is it with people that has gas in their belly and not go to the toilet when they need to break wind.

Has normal behavior gone out the window?

I had a couple in their 40 next to me. And both of them not wanted to go to the toilet. And they broke wind from Bangkok and over half the trip.

My solution was to pull the air valve to its highest and the woman next to me started to freeze and that is how i got them to go to the toilet . By freezing them out. Myself i had a sweeter on so i did not freeze.

But to sit next to 2 people that just break wind in the plain and made the smell feel like you was in a WC. What is going trough their mind? To break wind while you sleep is one thing, but to sit an break wind as nothing happen. What is going through your mind then?

So here is what i think when i travel. I never eat food that make my belly upset before i travel.

To here is what not to eat:

reasons for farting and belching

So my advice to you that normally not care about other people, think about this before you travel.

And like my mum say " Did you not learn normal behavior from your parents?"

Are you not feeling that you get shy when you break wind in front of other people? 

And when i was going down to Bangkok i also had same luck. A man in his 60 was breaking wind in same way.

"Forgive me for my French my mum always say" when she not really want  to say whatta....

 So today i feel like next time i travel i use gas mask as standard equipment in my travel gear.

And next i want to take up the space in the plain.

In the news there was a big fight in a plain where a man had used this:

$22 gadget blamed for passengers fighting on airplane

And that made me think about the english man that was behind me from Bangkok last time i went home to Norway.

I went with Thai Airway and i want to ask  people about this:

Why did they make seat that you fold back in the plain?

Is it because you should use that when you travel or should it be just for a thing to use when staff clean the plain?

But this English man was a guy that you not want to make angry. He looked like a fotball holigan. And i was afraid to sit behind in front of him.

But the guy behind this Englishman was a guy that not wanted the seat to be fold back.
And before even the plain started to fly. These 2 was almost fighting behind me.

And here is what i am thinking. If you feel so bad that anybody fold back your seat, why you not upgrade your ticket. Or order a ticket in emergency seat. That has more room and you will have a nice flight.

But what is it with people that travel and not accept that people in front of you fold his seat down?
I have to say " Are you so poor" that you not able to by a different seat or plan to travel in good time that you can avoid people that fold down his seat. 

Why do you then travel at all?

The seat in the plain is made for folding down in when you travel. The person in front of you has paid for his seat and he "own " this until the travel is over.

And you just have to manage to controll your mood when you travel.

The English man got so angry because the guy in the back kicked his seat to make him take it up. And that triggered his anger.

What about if someone lock your seat with Knee Defender, what would you do?
And what is next in my case , farting on the plain. 

A plug for traveling that you put up someones behind? That to stop people from farting on the plain.

No it all come down to one thing, how did your parents raise you as a kid.
If you not have normal behavior then you should not travel long . You need only to stay in home or travel for 4 hour then take a break. And to travel to Thailand where you use 14 hour .
Then you need many breaks.

Or learn how you should behave when you travel? 

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