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tirsdag 24. september 2013

 I found this clip on youtube. This is white woman view on the issue " western men and thai woman".


Interviews of Western women on Sukumvit Road and Khao San Road (the center of Thailand Backpacker culture) about Western men visiting Thailand for romance love and of course, sex. We questioned Western ("Farang") women about Thailand's reputation for luring hoards of Western male tourists every year. The Western women in Thailand that we interviewed (both expats and tourists) felt that Western men traveling to Thailand were mostly interested in sex and prostitution. Negative stereotypes of "Thailand sex tourism" included the sexual and financial exploitation of Thai women and the overall shallowness of these relationships and the mail order bride and dating website business.

Nevertheless other Western women had a more open minded view about Western men looking for love and romance in Thailand. Some Western women commented that they felt sympathy for Western men who may be being exploited financially by manipulative Thai women. Some Western women commented that Western women could learn from Thai women about how to treat men and asserting femininity rather than being overly aggressive.

The interviews shown in this video were conducted on Sukumvit Soi 11 with two expat women, and on Khao San Road with several female tourists; we have, for the sake of simplicity, stated that the interviews took place on Khao San Road.

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