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lørdag 28. desember 2013

Today i want to show you some video - They are from protest 26.12.2013

This is video that Government in Thailand not want to show the rest of the world.

There are many that has been injured.

Yesterday there was a man that work for same organization as red cross.

He was shot by rubber bullet. These was 70 % hard plastic and the tip of the bullet was rubber.

He could not walk after being shot.

But let us see the video where Thai police attack the car where a nurse are trying to go through to injurd people.

Here is this nurse. She is now in hospital after this attack. Her lung was bleeding after police attack the car.

When she not had anyway to leave the car. Because police then would attack her, she got exposed by all the tear gas.

Thai police attack the car where nurse is.

Is this really police ? Or redshirt in police uniform ?

Also i have a video of snipers that are on the roof near the Government building.

I have never seen Norwegian police do these things.

Thai Police snipers 26.12.2013

1 person got killed in these protest. He had his education from Australia. He was shot by the police.

The Nation:

"Another protester who was admitted to Klang hospital was shot at his body. The bullet has pierced from the right side to left side of his body. He later died. He was identified as Jamrieng Jitwat, 31, of Prachuab Khiri Khan province."

May he rest in peace.

Is this what a government the really want the best for their people do ?

Is this democracy ? 

NÅ ! 28.12.2013 kl 12:16

En sikkerhetsvakt for protestene er akkurat nå blitt drept.
Han ble drept da flere skudd ble avfyrt mot hvor han hadde vakt

Guard killed at protest site

Coup possible if situation demands it, Prayuth says

One protester killed, three injured in shooting near Government House

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Registration blocked in 6 provinces

Suthep: We'll seize Bangkok after New Year  

Protest death toll rises to eight

Registration cancelled in 7 South provinces

Violence and bloodshed won't solve problems

39 die on first of New Year's '7 dangerous days'



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