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onsdag 11. desember 2013

Shinawatra family members would become the next targets of the anti-government protesters

How can you make an election when it always are being cheated in the election?

 Video posted before on this blogg

"Futher i have seen by my own eyes that people being transported to Mung Thong Thani and get money when the door are opened from the bus."

If there was election in USA and one side always won ?

And you had the head of the Parliament under payment.(The guy that control who may speak or not)

And other party never got there view in Parliament. Because the president in Parliament always refused other then his side have "speaker time".

What would people in USA do if there party never got heard?

I have video of this happen. 
Now there are used method from both side that is not the way.

Suthep targets Shinawatra clan 

Yingluck accused of 'crocodile tears'

"Thaksin left not because the people drove him away. He fled. 

Capo: Suthep's demands are illegal 

In my mind:

Here we have friends of Thaksin that he worked with when he was Police. What is the first though of the readers?

How did the get this possision? What if they get payment from someone and that pay will be less if that someone not have power?

Is that something that might be the cast?

And something that is really strange is this.

DSI to oppose bail for Abhisit : Democrats

Why does this come up now ? Is this a way to make some pressure on to the democratic party?

And who made DSI to push this on now?

This is what happen when Abhisit was Prime Minister in 2010. 


Here we have a prime minister that not got the amnestybill go through. How can you hit back?

Well this is the way? To put Abhisit into trial and then put pressure on.

What serious democracy would do this?

There was used ways in this time by redshirt that never have been used by the yellow shirt.

"There are also stories that the leader of redshirt told people to take a bottle of petrol and light it and throw that to the building. For this people should get 100 000 baht"

The truth is that there are many "redshirt" in high possision and they are abusing their power now.

How can you have a free election with this kind of ways? I understand that the democratic party use all method they have.

They are up against a regim with a lot of money and people that is in the right

In my mind :

Thailand has a lot to learn about how to have free elections. And also what you should pay for or not when you are in politic.

There are a lot of gangster method used . And to have a free election when this is, might be impossible.
That is why i think the best is to make a way that there is no way to cheat under an election

But how can you do that when there are reported that people are paid to vote. Also now it is a different people that is target for the red.

Hill people that is poor are now being helped to vote for the red. These people do not have even a passport.

This is helped to get by the red so they can vote for the red.

For that they get some money.

And when this happen how can you have an election?

Bangkok Post
Unpaid rice farmers threaten roadblocks

This is people that supported Yingluck. This is why many people are upset on this goverment.
Rubber farmers also had this problem. 

Capo: Theft, damage at protest sites  

EC: Election will cost B3.8 billion
PDRC: Yingluck must go

Capo: Suthep's demands are illegal

Chalerm: Arrest Suthep within 48 hrs  

The Nation

Game reaches dead end

Cars and several govt offices found damaged 

Both sides urged to propose reforms, talk 

EC sees chance snap election 'might not happen'


To be in Thailand now is tension.

I am many times afraid and i not like to move so much as i did before.

But i see that this is an peaceful protest.

What i fear is that redshirt might use ways like in 2010. And the yellow side might go from peaceful to civilwar.

Cars and several govt offices found damaged
Game reaches dead end

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