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mandag 17. februar 2014

Farmers has arrived at Bangkok and joined the protest.

Right now there is a big close down of Bangkok.

Very angry farmers are now closing down Bangkok. Power and water are cut to goverment buildings.
And there are now very high tension in Bangkok.

The farmers are crying and are now angry, because they lose land and home. They are not standing for the handling that Yingluck Goverment do to them now. And now redshirt farmers are with the protest people.

There are many goverment building that now have been taken. I heard voices from inside the builing and people that are at work are now shouting and there is chaos.

Another farmer commited suicide

Eleventh farmer takes his life

Farmers are now desperate and that is a dangerous situation. Because now people do not care what Government say. 


Bankers' group calls for clarity

People are taking out their money from the bank.
After government now have no funds to pay the farmers. The bank that has agree to borrow money to government are now in problem.

Reason is that all people now take out all money from this bank. Yesterday over 30 million baht was taken out from savings account. And many small branch of this bank, had no money left because of this.

This will continue because people are afraid that this bank will go banhrupt because of this government.

Now it is confirmed what i said yesterday:

GSB stunned by B30bn deposit run

GSB customers flock to withdraw funds in rice loan protest 

 I get info sometimes very early. Even before some newspapers.

 Also Yingluck did not want to talk to the farmers in Mung Thong Thani yesterday.

So she said she wanted to talk in "facetime" with the farmers.
Facetime is a software for an Iphone. Same as Skype.

But the farmers did not want that. So she send out Kittirat the
Finance Minister. But he got a really a not so friendly welcome.

Kittirat runs away after getting hit by water bottles

 The farmers was so angry that the throw waterbottle at the Finans Minister and drove a pickup through the fence.

Then the soldier had to defend the Ministry.
Inside was a frighten Yingluck. Maybe she not come to work today?

The Finans Minister runned inside with solider to protect him.

And now there are coming even more farmers into Bangkok.
The farmers are more angry then the protest people before. And are desperate . And they will fight harder and longer against Yingluck.

There are some news that say that Yingluck never wanted to pay the farmers.
And did not even have this issue up in the committee.
And this will make many farmers lose home and land.

That even they gave the government their rice.

This will be the downfall for Yingluck if she not pay the farmers.

Now it is time to spend Thaksin millions if they want to stay in power.

Splits emerge in farmer movement 

Thai farmers besiege government buildings in Bangkok - video
CMPO to try to retake five government premises tomorrow
Thailand protesters besiege temporary government HQ
Farmers storm into PM’s temporary office at Muangthong Thani

Farmers seek sympathy from tourists

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