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søndag 2. februar 2014

Prime Minister In Thailand not know how to vote her self, how about poor rual area people?

Thailand Prime Minister voted today, but that was something she did not know where the vote slip should go.

 She was in Mung Thong Thani where she gave her vote.

Red vote slip in yellow box. No that is not right.

Yellow slip in red box

  • 33 election area in Bangkok
  • 5 area not able to do election
  • 6246 total election unit
  • 437 can not do election

  •  83313 vote office open
  • 89,2 % - of all election units are open for election.

There have been big problem to get enough people to make the election office.
And maybe this show that when even not the prim minister not is able to vote in the right way.

Many office are closed because of adm problem of election committee.

Then how about other areas.

This election has the election committee lay down their work because they said this election is not done right.

But because Thailand goverment not want to listen to the election comittee they force the election go as planned.

The problem is when politician not know where the vote slip go in the right box. How about people in area where education is low?

Yesterday was a day i not going to forget easy.

In my hole life i never seen so many police in one place.
Every 400 meter there was at least 2 police officer.

And i was very near when the shooting started at IT Square.

And today the gards has arrested a member of DSI.
Reason he had a gun and tried to shot people.

Gun fire:
Gunfire at Lak Si as rivals clash
Lak Si shoot-out puts poll on knife edge


EC says latest voter turnout is 46.79%

Pheu Thai takes hit in poll

But it looks as if the voter turnout will leave Pheu Thai disappointed. Of the almost 49 million eligible voters nationwide, only about 20.46 million, or 45.84%, cast their ballots

No election in 510 polling units in Bangkok’s 12 constituencies

No elections in nine southern provinces and five districts of Bangkok

Thailand: Vote Thaksin or Die

Thailand: hundreds of polling stations closed, but voting begins peacefully

Avlyser valget i deler av Thailand etter aksjoner fra demonstranter


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