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onsdag 29. januar 2014

Fiksjon or reality - (Writing on this now and you see as i write)

 (This article is a "continuous work" when i have spare time i am doing a little investigation on this)

Today i am going to write about some strange things i found on the internet.

First of all the first article i wrote, was almost done. And when i started again and logged into write more the article was gone?

I found out some strange things .

First an oil deal made between Thaksin and Hun Sen and USA. 
I will see if i can find all this again.
But i do not say anything what is right or not. I only going to put things out that i found from different sites then this.

Also i found some document between CIA and Thaksin. 
I wanted to find out more about Thailand strange "MEN in Black".

And found out that the border area between Thailand and Cambodia 

  •  Poipet has an wide open gate into Thailand.

Poipet to see new economic zone

Lately there have been a lot of money that has been invested in Myanmar og see here Poipet.

This even Hun Sen has done many things that is against human rights.

And there are evidence that point to that The Men in Black are coming in and out from this area.

It is things in this that not have been told in media. And it is believed from other that these is because of relation Thailand - China.

Under Thaksin Thailand made more connection to China. These was not accepted from USA.

Also there is oil. Yes the black gold, that i found was made a deal between USA, Japan to drill for.
But that deal could not be done before Thaksin was in power again.

There are therefor a question " who does USA support".

a) IF CIA help overthrow Thaksin -(CIA Coup Army Uncovered in Asia) that because Thaksin had to close relationship with China.
Why they help Thaksin regime now?

b) There is article that say that the democrat got help from USA in the coup. But why they not get help anymore?

In this article USA seems to support Thaksin.

Land and removing of regulation in Thailand. That foreigner not can own land. 

There are many company that has tried ways to get Thaksin back in power.

Here i will put up a list:

I do not say that this is what happen. But i will try with this to show some fact and then the readers might think for them self.  

But it is something that might be another reason.
Land sale to foreigner companies.
This i will go more into.

Many of the articles are from a guy called Tony Cartalucci. He run a site where you get photo and stoires that no other newspaper has.

And the strange thing is that when it has come on his webpage it not go so long then news also come after.

Might he be as Edward Snowden:
Many of the things he tell might be things that Goverment not like to be told.

29.01.2014 - It going to take some time for me to recreate this article, so i hope you all be patient. 
01.02.2014 - I put out info from other webpage, where i find some clues here and there.
You can read this as i find more and more info


  "Cambodian dictator-for-life Hun Sen (left) stands next to deposed dictator of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra (right)"

The meeting - Hun Sen - Thaksin
The meeting had this on it agenda :

Thaksin said he and Hun Sen would also discuss border demarcation and
the purchase of electricity from Thailand by Cambodia for use in an
industrial zone. 
Source :

  • Oil and gas

And also there was talks about how to get Thaksin back in power.

So what have we for evidence on this:


Military support from Hun Sen

Five Cambodians caught for attempting to torch protest stage

Thailand’s Thaksin Regime and The Cambodian Connection

In addition to harboring members of Thaksin’s political machine, Hun Sen went as far as appointing Thaksin himself as a “government adviser on the economy,” in an attempt to bolster his lack of legitimacy.

The Coup

 Bangkok, Thailand July 2, 2011

CIA Coup Army Uncovered in Asia

"Meanwhile, his street mobs dubbed the “red shirts” have received rhetorical support by US-funded NGOs like Prachatai which received 1.5 million baht from the Neo-Con lined National Endowment for Democracy."

WikiLeaks: A coup against Thaksin interrupted oil deal between Cambodia and Thailand

Land and real estate

There is web sites that have an idea about why Thaksin and Hue Sen want to change the law in Thailand.

They want more foreigner to invest in Thailand same as they did in Cambodia.

And the strange things is the rice deals that lately have been in media in Thailand.

People not get paid for their rice. And are only offed loan for the rice. This even the farmers has given the government all production.

Is this a way to make farmers loose their land?

If nobody can pay for the cost of land and all you have used for production of rice.

Then the next is bankrupt.

And might we think that then someone with money will buy up the land.

And then resell it when the law about foreigner can own land in Thailand.
Then "that someone" can cash in a lot of money for land.


What many do not know is that Thaksin has familiy members that is married to familiy members of Hun Sen.
From webpage i found out that after the coup, Thaksin went to Hun Sen and ask for help.

There where made some deals about first an casino near boarder to Thailand.
But also there where other things that was made an deal about. ( The men in black).
And that was an military grope .
First Thaksin had been in police before he become an politician .
And he knew many people that had same view as him. And these people had power still.
So in this meeting with Hun Sen there was some deals made.

First support from Hun Sen.

These men was put in an area where they easy can come in and out of Thailand.
They will be used when there was high conflict.And are today also used.

 Look at the logo on the back and see on picture above .

The strange thing is that nobody has found out who these men that attack is. Police never find anything.
Might it be because the same men that let "attackers" be "police" also should find the "Bad guys".?

Here we see police throw stones at protest people. Does not really look like a police or what?

Here is a guy with Shot gun in back of a Police pickup.

Here is outside Student home this year

Thaksin army is:
Redshirt trained by Cambodian and police
The men in Black


These men would get support from people that had same view as Thaksin.
And in that was police officers that had same idea as Thaksin.

Also this new army used "redshirt" members. And here police and redshirt are fighting side by side.

 Or here we have a guy with normal clothes with "police".



But there are also more to this story. After the coup many members of Thaksin "redshirt" went over to Cambodia. Here the took weapon with them when the arrived to meet Hun Sen supporters.

National police chief admits men in black are police

CONFIRMED – “Men-In-Black” Gunmen Were Regime Police


This story is also some and idea ( Fiction/ though)  that these thai "redshirt" then got training from Cambodia.

The remove of Thaksin:

Image: Figure 1. From SSI's 2006 "String of Pearls" report detailing a strategy of containment for China. While "democracy," "freedom," and "human rights" will mask the ascension of Western aligned client regimes into power, it is part of a region-wide campaign to overthrow nationalist elements and install client regimes in order to encircle and contain China. Violence in areas like Sittwe, Rakhine Myanmar, or Gwadar Baluchistan Pakistan, are not coincidences and documented evidence indicates immense Western backing for armed opposition groups.
Source :

Why do i take this with?
Well i try to show that Thailand has more contact with China .  "String of Pearls" is a way for USA to make more influence in Thailand and ASIA.

Myanmar, Thailand, Laos Camboida might be under an economic plan for USA.
Wikileaks doc:

Background and U.S. Relations, December 19, 2008

Military-to-military ties increased through both exchanges and arms sales: China exports major
weapons and military equipment to Thailand, a practice that originated in the 1980s when both
countries supported Cambodian resistance groups, including the Khmer Rouge, against the
Vietnamese-installed government in Phnom Penh. 
Many analysts saw the suspension of several U.S. military programs following the coup as an opportunity for China to expand its influence in the Thai defense establishment. China participated as an observer for the first time in the May 2008 Cobra Gold exercises, and in July Thailand and China staged a joint anti-terrorism exercise.



For over two decades the United States has expressed throughout a library of policy papers the need to develop and implement an effective "containment" strategy versus China

Such a strategy needs to be applied to China today. As long as China maintains its present form of government, it cannot be peacefully integrated into the international order. For China's current leaders, it is too risky to play by our rules -- yet our unwillingness to force them to play by our rules is too risky for the health of the international order.

The United States cannot and should not be willing to upset the international order in the mistaken belief that accommodation is the best way to avoid a confrontation with China.

We should hold the line instead and work for political change in Beijing. That means strengthening our military capabilities in the region, improving our security ties with friends and allies, and making clear that we will respond, with force if necessary, when China uses military intimidation or aggression to achieve its regional ambitions. It also means not trading with the Chinese military or doing business with firms the military owns or operates. And it means imposing stiff sanctions when we catch China engaging in nuclear proliferation.

A successful containment strategy will require increasing, not decreasing, our overall defense capabilities.

The Asian Times confirms:
“Many of the [2006] coup-makers were known U.S. allies, including alleged masterminds and former CIA-trained spy chief Prasong Soonsiri and Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda. Prasong has openly acknowledged his role in the coup…”

 B) Why was he removed by USA 
There are some that belive Thaksin was to friendly with China.
And made some deals with China that President Bush disliked too much.

I used time to write this and update this as i go along

Redshirt escape:

Jakrapob Penkair - facebook

Before going into exile, Jakrapob told this correspondent that the UDD had clandestinely moved small arms from Cambodia to Thaksin’s supporters in Thailand’s northeastern region, where the exiled premier’s popularity runs strongest.

He told other news agencies that the UDD was willing to launch an “armed struggle” to achieve its goals, which included the toppling of the government and restoration of Thaksin’s power.  
The offer follows on the safe house Hun Sen has made available to UDD co-leader Jakrapob Penkair

UDD representatives have also recently made a request to the Lao government for access to a Vientiane-based safe house for its members, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Plots seen in Thaksin's Cambodia gambit

"Hun Sen showed was produced in China, including tanks and surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) apparently modeled after US Stinger missiles." - Connection to China

USA and Cambodia
  Operation Angkor Sentinel

Is it possible that The redshirt that went from Thailand to Cambodia hid themself as Camboidan soldier.

An revived training from USA either by a mistake of USA. Or with full intension.

What we are fighting about and why help is coming from many sides.

Land, Business model from Cambodia to Thailand.

The Cambodian Army: Open for Corporate Sponsors

Country for sale

Has Cambodia become a country for sale? 


And in this USA also had an responsibility that they used their blind eye to. And still might use same eye to.

"But strangely enough, this story goes largely unreported, the UN remains eerily silent, and in fact, the United States, as of 2010 has begun training many of the most notorious land-grabbing military units involved in this ongoing atrocity.Indeed, Operation Angkor Sentinel kicked off in July 2010 as US Army troops trained with the local Cambodian troops. The United States shamelessly defended the exercises claiming that:
 “Our military relationship is about … working toward effective defence reform, toward encouraging the kind of civil-military relationship that is essential to any healthy political system.”
While the US’ training of Cambodian troops in and of itself does not directly indicate a conspiracy, it positions the US military well for any current or future operations that may be undertaken in support of the US-backed regime in neighboring Thailand.

While foreign interests have helped Thaksin by building up NGOs to augment his regime, these still hold very little sway in Thai society."

Since the 2006 coup that toppled his regime, Thaksin has been represented by US corporate-financier elites via their lobbying firms including, 

Also is is said that an USA foundation called NED is involved to help Thaksin back into power.

NED-funded National Democratic Institute openly admits to funding, supporting, and training Malaysia’s Ibrahim Anwar’s street mobs, but then alters their website to obfuscate these admissions. Pictured above is the website before its alteration. (click to enlarge)

  Oil and gas

Picture source:

In 2001, Cambodia and Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding mapping out joint management of petroleum resources in the 27,000-sq-km overlapping area in the Gulf. The agreement was put on hold by Bangkok in late 2009 following the appointment of Thaksin as an economic advisor to Cambodia.

Petroleum Geology of the Gulf of Thailand


Seismic raport

"Notice area Thailand /Cambodia"

The visit with Hun Sen and Thaksin was he wanted to make sure he also owned some of the action when the drilling after oil started

And this might be the issue that USA really want to see more of.
The problem is that the only way is if Thaksin get back into power.

Therefore, in the case of Cambodia, instead of receiving 70 percent, the country would receive only 30 percent of the royalties paid by the concerned oil companies, the remaining 40 percent would be split fifty-fifty between Hun Sen and Thaksin,

Thai-Cambodia clash is about oil and domestic politics – not temples

The cable, dated May 15, 2007, details the visit of the US-ASEAN Business Council to Phnom Penh. During meetings with high-ranking officials, the cable states that representatives from US energy giant ConocoPhillips urged the government “to resolve the dispute with Thailand over the Overlapping Claims Area in the Gulf of Thailand. Noting that their firm has held a contract for exploitation of the area for nearly ten years

Thailand Needs Cambodia to Unlock ‘Huge’ Gulf Gas Reserves

In 1997, Cambodia awarded concessions to BHP Billiton Ltd., ConocoPhillips and Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

U.S. Companies Expand Connection to Cambodia

THE NATION August 17, 2011 12:00 am, Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.
Why Thaksin go to talk about oil that belong to Thailand. When he is not prime minister anymore? 

Some people have this idea about why Government want the Rice deal to fail. And then let the farmers go bankrupt

There is oil field in North East Thailand, the problem is rice farmers

"Conspiracy to bankrupt farmers by bankrupting BACC to force farmers to become landless farmers by selling the land to Ai maew cronies and selling public utilities to force us to pay heavy price to enrich himself and his cronies."

Hate to USA
 It is much hate against USA in this, here is some what they say about USA.I do not know


Many problems are caused by you - USA!

1- USA - You supports Thaksin openly even though you know he is still a runaway convict and a mass murderer.

2- USA - You have done business for decades with dirty money that Thaksin robbed from Thailand.

3- You came to Thailand only for your own advantages. You are loaded with prejudice to Democracy Under King because of your Presidency style. You look down us. You are pretender and fake.

4- Obama has completely destroyed trust and friendship among alliances around the world. You president ordered staffs to sneak into other country leaders personal data so US can control international trades.

5- Your country is no longer world leader, especially in morals. Therefore, shut up and never try to teach and interfere with our internal revolution by the people to clean up corruption.

6- It appears that you are not smarter than other races. So it is not surprised that you don't know about Thaksin corruptions and criminal convictions. You never know why and what the people want to change for good. You are so dumb that you praise Yinglug and the illegitimate lame duck government.

7- USA - You are ugly and as disgusting as the devil Thaksin himself. Get the fvck out of our sight!

Thailand, Cambodia Agree To Speedily Remove Differences

Abhisit tells Hun Sen not to link disputes

Assassination Attempts on Thaksin: Real News or Fake News?

Thaksin challenges to behead him on Cambodian offshore oil investment

In regard to the exploration for oil and gas in the Thai-Cambodian overlapping maritime claims area, Thaksin himself had expressed interest in investing in the project.
He claimed the conflict stems from oil in the Gulf of Thailand, which is why Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister of Thailand - ousted in a 2006 military coup - has become so close to Cambodian leader Hun Sen. While being PM, Thaksin granted soft loans to Cambodia so they could purchase equipment from his telecommunications company “Shin Corp” - with Thailand’s money. According to Vorabutra:

Temple spat may delay oil riches

  Video Collection






Thaksin Regime Turns on its Own Supporters

Hun Sen pledges reforms

 On Friday night, a group of Pheu Thai Party's Members of Parliament led by Jatuporn Promphun arrived in Phnom Penh in order to meet with Thaksin.
He is a close friend of Hun Sen and used to be the economic advisor to Cambodian government and Hun Sen from November 2009 to August 2010.
 Thaksin was later found guilty by a Thai court of pressuring the Foreign Ministry to approve a 4 billion baht (US $139 million) loan to Burma to pay for the deal. 

Before going into exile, Jakrapob told this correspondent that the UDD had clandestinely moved small arms from Cambodia to Thaksin's supporters in Thailand's northeastern region, where the exiled premier's popularity runs strongest. He told other news agencies that the UDD was willing to launch an "armed struggle" to achieve its goals, which included the toppling of the government and restoration of Thaksin's power. 

Hun Sen's so-far unswerving complicity with Western interests has clearly taken a turn for the worse. Was it simply his neglect of Western directives in exchange for a closer relationship with China that tipped off this latest round of US-backed destabilization? 

Or was Hun Sen asked to cross a line in support of US-backed Thaksin Shinawatra he was unwilling to cross?

If calm is quickly restored to the streets of Phnom Penh, the West may have succeeded in coaxing him across - and in that case Thailand must brace for a counter stroke on Thaksin's behalf that may have covert Cambodian military muscle behind it.


Thailand's Regime & The Cambodian Connection

USA train with Cambodian Soldier








The opening ceremony of Angkor Sentinel13 was held 16 May. Angkor Sentinel 13 is a major, bilateral exercise that continues a substantial, multi-year effort by U.S. Army, Pacific to actively engage with Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and expand Peace Keeping Operations and stability operations capability.



More Than Meets the Eye Behind Cambodia's Growing Unrest




Organization: Key word

  • international NGO  
is a private, nonprofit foundation dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world. Each year, with funding from the US Congress, NED supports more than 1,000 projects of non-governmental groups abroad who are working for democratic goals in more than 90 countries.


I not going to say that there are different views.

Here is an other view:

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