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onsdag 15. januar 2014

What is the crime Thaksin did ? And who is this man?

 Thaksin Family

This is a very good photo of Shinawatra Family. It seems to be Yingluck’s wedding ceremony. Who’s who:
  1.  Lert
  2. Thaksin
  3. Potjaman
  4. Yaowares
  5. Yaowapa
  6. Somchai Wongsawat
  7. Payap
  8. Yingluck
  9. Anusorn Amornchat, Yingluck’s husband
  10. Panthongtae
  11. Pinthongta
  12. (seems to be) Paethongtarn

The United Kingdom Border Agency has revoked the UK visas held by the following Thai nations: 

Thaksin Shinawatra. Thai Passport Number D215863

Signature of Thaksin

Thaksin Shinawatra

1949—, Thai business executive and political leader, b. Chiang Mai. 

Born into a wealth merchant family, he went into the Thai police service in 1973 and continued his criminal-justice education in the United States
He rose to the rank of police lieutenant colonel by 1987, when he retired. 
He had started (1982) a computer business with his wife, and after leaving the police force grew his business interests into a major telecommunications company.
One of Thailand's wealthiest persons, he entered politics and served as foreign minister (1994—95) and deputy prime minister (1995—96, 1997). 
In 1998 he founded the Thai Rak Thai (Thais Love Thais) party, which in 2001 won nearly half the seats in parliament. 
Thaksin became prime minister of a three-party coalition government and avoided a five-year banning from politics later that year when he was narrowly cleared of charges of not fully disclosing his assets during his second term as deputy prime minister.
 In 2005 he led his party to a landslide victory, becoming the first Thai prime minister to win two consecutive terms from the voters. An outspoken populist and nationalist, he has favored policies designed to help farmers and small businesses and overseen a period of economic growth. His tenure has been marred by charges of favoring family and friends with government jobs and by a 2003 antidrug campaign in which 2,500 were killed.

  • Thaksin went on to spend a total of fourteen years at the Royal Thai Police Department 
  • promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1987 
  • In 1987, he founded the Shinawatra Company as a software marketing firm
  • Thaksin started his own pager company, Shinawatra Paging
  • In 1990, Thaksin went for broke, successfully landing a contract from Thailand's national telephone service 
  • Shinawatra Paging became Advanced Info Service (AIS)
  • Thaksin also launched Thailand's first communications satellites;Thai businesses had been forced to lease satellite services from satellites owned by other nations. 
  • Thaksin entered politics in 1994, under the banner of the Palang Dharma Party.
  • He was appointed foreign minister, and held this post until February 1995
  • In the summer of 1998, Thaksin founded the populist Thai Rak Thai ("Thai Love Thai") part 
  • Thaksin government- from loan frauds in the Ministry of Agriculture to employees skimming 80,000 baht in expressway tolls in Bangkok
  • 8 October 2008 - Thaksin doubled his money in City sale

Owner of

SC Park hotel, Capital OK, Shinawatra University, How Come Entertainment and She @ Mood photo shop.


Where do he live:
Thaksin had reportedly considered sanctuaries such as China, the Bahamas, Nicaragua, and several other countries in South America and Africa.
Thaksin goes shopping in Dubai

His son:

Panthongtae Shinawatra


The Shinawatra family tree

See family picture in this web page also.

Video on youtube:

BBC thaksin warrant

Amnesty Bill Could former Thai PM return from exile

Former Thai Prime Ministers Goes to Court

Get to Know The New Manchester City Chairman: Thaksin 



Thailands Timeline

I pick out fact that todays problem is an heritage after, let start:

The conflict between redshirt and yellowshirt.


Black May (1992)

Thai people successfully defend democracy

Thaksin - and government of Thaksin

2001 January - New Thai Love Thai party wins elections after partial re-run of poll. 

Leader Thaksin Shinawatra forms coalition government.

2005 March - Thaksin Shinawatra begins a second term as PM after his party wins February's elections by a landslide.

2006 April-May - Snap election called by the PM amid mass rallies against him is boycotted by the opposition and is subsequently annulled, leaving a political vacuum. The PM takes a seven-week break from politics.

2006 August - Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra accuses several army officers of plotting to kill him after police find a car containing bomb-making materials near his house.

2006 19 September- Military leaders stage a bloodless coup while Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is at the UN General Assembly. 

Retired General Surayud Chulanont is appointed as interim prime minister in October. 

2007 January - Martial law is lifted in more than half of the country. 

2007 April - First draft of a new constitution is approved by a committee appointed by the military administration. 

2007 May - Ousted PM Thaksin Shinawatra's Thai Rak Thai party is banned. Thousands of soldiers are put on alert. 

2007 August - Voters approve a new, military-drafted constitution in a referendum. 

Democracy restored

2007 December- General elections mark the first major step towards a return to civilian rule. The People Power Party (PPP), seen as the reincarnation of Thaksin's Thai Rak Thai (Thais Love Thais) party, wins the most votes.

See this video
                             Buying The Way To Power

2008 February - Return to civilian rule. Samak Sundaravej of the Thaksin-linked People Power Party (PPP) is sworn in as prime minister. Ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra returns from exile.

Samak Sundaravej

2008 July - Pojaman Shinawatra, the wife of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, is found guilty of fraud and sentenced to three years in jail. She is granted bail pending an appeal.

2008 August - Thaksin flees to Britain with his family after failing to appear in court to face corruption charges.

War on drugs:

- Human Rights Watch reports that 2,275 people were killed, almost double the number normally killed in drug-related violence

After the 2006 coup, the military junta appointed a committee to investigate the anti-drug campaign

- Over half of those killed in 2003 had no links to the drugs trade

Abhisit Vejjajiva accused Thaksin of crimes against humanity for his alleged role in the campaig

Human Right Violation by Thaksin Shinawatra

Article written in 2013

Thaksin's 'war on drugs' a crime against humanity 

I'm referring of course to Thaksin's clear culpability in the matter of his 2003 "war on drugs", and following on, his responsibility for igniting the ethnic-religious conflict in the deep South. For...

 Lest we forget: His "war on drugs" saw 2,873 Thais dead in a matter of three months, from February to April, 2003. The victims included whole families, women, children and old people. In many cases, bodies...        

10 Years Ago: Thaksin’s ‘War on Drugs

thaksin's War on Drugs

Human Right Watch web page
Thailand’s 'war on drugs'
From their web page it say:

In February 2003, the Thai government, under then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, launched a 'war on drugs', purportedly aimed at the suppression of drug trafficking and the prevention of drug use. In fact, a major outcome of this policy was arbitrary killings. 
In the first three months of the campaign there were some 2800 extrajudicial killings. 

In 2007, an official investigation found that more than half of those killed had no connection whatsoever to drugs.1 Apart from the thousands who lost their lives, thousands more were forced into coercive "treatment" for drug addiction

b)The after math of being PM in Thailand

After the 2006 coup, the military junta-appointed Assets Examination Committee froze Thaksin's assets based on charges of policy corruption


Thai court seizes $1.4 billion from ex-PM Thaksin


Thaksin's government was accused of exerting political influence in its crackdown on unlicensed community radio stations, and Thaksin brought massive defamation suits against critical journalists

Thaksin was also accused of interference when the Senate appointed Wisut Montriwat (former Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance) to the position of Auditor General, replacing Jaruvan Maintaka.


Policy corruption

 In 2008 Thaksin Shinawatra was sentenced to two years' imprisonment in absentia over a corrupt land deal.

This deal was done on a Bank holiday in Thailand.
So people that wanted to buy ( Do bidding on) this land did not know about this sale on a bank holiday. The sale was not done in correct way and if it was the price on the land would have been higher.

In a ruling that made him the first Thai politician to be convicted of corruption committed while prime minister, Thaksin was found to have violated conflict of interest rules in helping his wife buy land from a state agency at a reduced price.

Suvarnabhumi Airport
After more than 30 years of planning and debate, the Thaksin government finally completed the construction of the new Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The airport was officially opened a week after Thaksin's government was overthrown. It is one of the world's largest airports.

However, some members of Thaksin's government were accused of corruption in the Suvarnabhumi Airport project.

These allegations were used by the military junta to justify the 2006 coup.[114] The junta initiated several investigations into the airport.

Nevertheless, investigative panels found that damage to the airport was "minute" and "common." The cost of repairing the damage was estimated at less than 1% of the total airport cost. The junta was accused by its opponents of delaying airport repairs and intensifying the airport's problems to pin further blame on the Thaksin government.[

Transferring to maid and driver

Thaksin was charged with illegally concealing billions of baht of his wealth by transferring ownership of Shin Corp. shares to his drivers and maids, without their knowledge. Thaksin tearfully told the Constitutional Court that it was an honest mistake before the Court acquitted him on the charges.[221]

2008 - Thaksin returns to Thailand

Sale of Shin Corporation

On 23 January 2006, the Shinawatra family sold their entire stake in Shin Corporation to Temasek Holdings. 

The Shinawatra and Damapong families netted about 73 billion baht (about US$1.88 billion) tax-free from the sale, using a regulation that made individuals who sell shares on the stock exchange exempt from capital gains tax.

The deal made Thaksin the target of accusations of corruption and selling an asset of national importance to a foreign entity.


"Keyword - Snap Election" - What have been done lately in Thailand

Snap Election
Thaksin announced a House dissolution on 24 February 2006. 

General elections were scheduled for 2 April.

Thaksin was attacked for calling the snap elections, which in effect prevented any member of parliament from changing parties. 

In an editorial, The Nation noted it "fails to take into consideration a major fallacy of the concept [of democracy], particularly in a less-developed democracy like ours, in which the impoverished, poorly informed masses are easily manipulated by people of his ilk. 

And Thaksin's manipulation has been well documented.
On 8 May 2006, the Constitutional Court ruled 8–6 to invalidate the April elections based on the awkward positioning of voting booths. 

The Court found the Election Commissioners guilty of malfeasance and jailed them. 

In the evening of 19 September 2006 - the army took control of Bangkok


Potjaman Shinawatra. Thai Passport Number D206635 

In January 2007, Financial Institutions Development Fund complied with an Assets Examination Committee request to file a charge against Thaksin and his wife over their purchase of four 772 million baht plots of land from the FIDF in 2003
The Assets Examination Committee also accused Thaksin of issuing an unlawful cabinet resolution approving the spending of state funds to buy rubber saplings.

In March 2007, the Office of the Attorney-General charged Thaksin's wife and brother-in-law with conspiring to evade taxes of 546 million baht (US$15.6 million) in a 1997 transfer of Shin Corp shares.

The Assets Examination Committee found Thaksin guilty of malfeasance for obstructing competition by imposing an excise tax on telecom operators. Thaksin's Cabinet had approved the relevant executive decree in 2003.

Thailand: Former PM's Wife Guilty of Tax Fraud


The charge was based on alleged violation of Section 100 of the National Counter Corruption Act, which specifies that government officials and their spouses are prohibited from entering into or having interests in contracts made with state agencies under their authorisation. 


However, Section 4 of the Act indicates that persons committing malfeasance must be direct supervisors of the damaged party - in this case, the FIDF. 

At the time, Bank of Thailand Governor Pridiyathorn Devakula directly supervised the FIDF, not Thaksin.[11] Section 29 of the Bank of Thailand Act of 1942 stated that the Prime Minister did not have jurisdiction to oversee the FIDF, because those managing the fund had sole authority for policies, control, oversight and regulations governing the agency.[12] 

Pridiyathorn's testimony to the court occurred in secret - Thaksin's legal team was not allowed in the room.  

The FIDF later noted that the land was sold to the Shinawatras at a price greater than its appraised value.

[13] The case went to the Supreme Court 10 July 2007

Potjaman was found guilty on 31 July and sentenced to three years imprisonment, but released on bail. The Bangkok Criminal Court also convicted her adopted brother Bhanapot Damapong and her secretary, who allegedly held assets for Thaksin by proxy, of tax evasion.

The Court: By unanimous resolution, holding that the Fund was the administrative agency under Section 100, Subsection (1), of the National Counter Corruption Organic Act, BE 2542 (1997).

 By 6:3, holding that Thaksin was a de facto supervisor of the Fund. By 7:2, holding that Potjaman was not a holder of political position or public authority prohibited under Section 122 of the Organic Act.

 And by unanimous resolution, holding that the purchased land and all other proprieties gained in this case could not be seized under Section 33, Subsection 1 and Subsection 2 of the Criminal Code.

Therefor, Thaksin was found guilty of abusing his power to help his wife purchasing the land at a knock-down price, being sentenced to two years in imprisonment.

All accusations against Potjaman in the case shall lapse together with the arrest warrant whereof. However, as Thaksin was dwelling aboard, the arrest warrant was issued to bring him back to the domestic punishment.[15]

- On 10 August 2008, Thaksin and Potjaman violated the bail term.

- On 21 October 2008, the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions ruled that Thaksin, while prime minister, abused his power to help his wife buy public land at auction, and sentenced him to two years in jail.


2013 Yingluck and the problem of today. 

First a family picture

Lert and his daughters: (from left) Yoawares, Yingluck, Monthatip(?), Yaowapa

  • Yaowalak was the first female mayor of Chiang Mai city. She died in 2009. Thaksin did not attend her funeral because of his exile.
  • Yoawares had a silk business in Phuket and Pattaya. She then sold her silk business and moved to mobile phone and construction. She appeared in hi-class society. It is said that now she oversees Pheu Thai’s southern activities.
  •  Yoawapa or “Dang” (แดง) was a key figure in Thai Rak Thai Party. Her husband is Somchai Wongsawat, 26th PM of Thailand. Somchai came from a justice career. A former judge, then Permanent Secretary of Justice and Permanent Secretary of Labour. One of their daughter, Shinnicha (ชินณิชา) is current Pheu Thai’s Chiang Rai MP.
  •  Payap is Thaksin’s only brother. He was a well-known investor in the Thai Stock Market. Now he oversees Phue Thai’s northeastern areas.
  •  Yingluck is the last daughter. She is the current Thai PM.


  • Amnesty bill
         Amnesty bill: Court will axe it, expert says

         The PM talks about amnesty bill
         Amnesty bill & protest (UPDATE #4)
     Amnesty bill rejection likely in Senate
     (Sat. Update) Amnesty protests continue

         Amnesty does not have to be a dirty word
         Amnesty for the people but not the leaders?
        Amnesty protests to begin today (updated)
          Amnesty bills: Haunted by ghost of Thaksin?
        Boycott urged on list of 'Shinawatra family products
      Thai Senate kills Thaksin amnesty bill
      Pro-Thaksin Thai MPs pass amnesty bill

  • Election
          Election plans proceed 

Also the respect for Yingluck in thailand is not the best

 And it is because of mistake that she has done. Like she read a paper where she should say " Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" in the planned screenplay.

And she not noticed that and she read " Thank you 3 times"
That made Thai people embarrassed and they laugh of her because of this things.

In her defense " you are nervous and you talk to many people" and you are afraid to leave something out. And then it is easy to do small mistake as this. And i think some mistake can be over looked.

Speaking errors 

See more video of her here


This is an article to make people understand why things happening in Thailand now.
All info i show you all here are from other web pages.
I have written very little in this article.

I have write Headlines and so on. Then put this info in an order.

And i wrote this because of "reporters" that not understand why things are like they are.Maybe now we can get an serious reporter

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