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mandag 6. januar 2014

I have discovered a way to see Europen Tv in Thailand

Update 10.01.2014

There is something i want to share more on this story.


My unit was running slow and sometimes my tv from Norway was not working so well.

Be i found a way .

Install these:
Du speed booster


Is Taskmanager

And now it is running all the time without any problem

Today i will share my TV discovery .

TOT is a Internet provider in Thailand. If you order IPTV with your internet. You get a great box.

I pay 800 baht pr month for my 13 mbit line.
See this deal here

See the deals here from TOT

By accident i found out this.
I had 12 mbit download 0,5 upload, on my last bill the deal was.

upgrade to 13/ 1 mbit for free and get an iptv box from TOT for free. Here is this box.

This is an android unit.
And what a great unit this is.

I have bought TV solution from

And they have an android app, that i put on to the unit from TOT.

Download from here this app

Here World Tv pro is installed under Application. ( HD Player)

And in now time i was able to see Norwegian TV with no problem in the middle of Bangkok.

This TV box gives also the solution to get more channels .I think it is possible to get 137 channels with this unit.

But also i added all channels that WorldTv pro can provide.

And how nice is it so watch the News from Norway in 28 degrees and sun i Thailand.

But what is really cool is this.

TOT give you and password and username and then you can use your smartphone as an TV.

You can log in to tot with your phone and see tv any place if you have internet on your phone.Also possible with and ipad.

And then you can lay on the beach in pattaya and see tv. And this i got for free with my internet at home.

The unit has 2 USB in front, remote controll, and an SD card reader.The manual is also in english and thai.

 With World Tv pro installed then i have these channels:

Also i have Norwegian radio on this unit

I have added an keyboard and mouse to this unit.

And now i can read newspaper from Norway on my 41 inch TV.
The unit also play Divx movies on SD, USB memory stick. 

You also get all Thai channels for free in this deal, 79 channel.

If you pay 4000 baht pr month you have 40 mbit line with all channels. 

And if you go to play store or istore you can download Metv App for you smart unit. (watch tv on your iphone)

Link to app:

And think i got this unit for free.  

"The unit when i start it up"

- Application, here the worldtv app will be installed
Broadcast TV - Here you get tv from TOT.
Browser - News from norway, sweet

Here i am inside Broadcast TV, and you get free tv 79 channels
- On demand , here is also som free movies. But you also can rent movies. 

The remote next to my phone.(To show size)

I have also and Apple TV Jailbroken. But this unit is better.
It is faster and it run much faster the other unit i ever had. 

And i also bought an "Usb stick" android unit earlier. But it can not compare to TOT Iptv box.

It is just a great device.  

And think i got 1 mbit upgrade download / 0,5 upload and the unit for free.

79 channels, and some free movies every month. And i pay same as i always did . 800 baht pr month.

And by the way that is with home phone also in that price.


And yes i see fotball match from UK in my own living room.

And how great the beer taste, when i buy a case of beer for 638 bath Heineken

History SE with sub title also.

And right now i watch BBC Entertainment 

Here you see Animal planet with Norwegian sub title

And this make my home sickness leave

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