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lørdag 18. januar 2014

Where is UN in the conflict in Thailand?

The last days things in Thailand has gone to very bad.

We are now seeing the start of Civil war in Thailand. And as an foreigner i ask WHERE IS UN?

Suthep says govt behind blast 

It might be that both side has some right in this conflict, but now things start to look like a war.

People are up against each other on the street and "military groups" are now attacking friendly people.

If this is controlled by Thaksin this is now gone over to a war crime.
And i will urge UN now to come into this conflict before something really bad is going to happen.

Thaksin has been found guilty in many crimes, and that is now country like Norway when he visit job to arrest him.

 If he has so strong support and he is the right elected prim minister, why his own people now go against him.

Protesting farmers block highway in Phichit province

About 3,000 farmers from five central and lower northern provinces have blocked the Asian highway in Phichit province on Friday to demand payments of their rice crops from the government.

This is red shirt people the rises agains him an his regim and now has changed their view on his way of doing things.

If he is in Dubai or other country it is there job to arrest him so he can face his charges. When he now can hid i other country and have military group attack people that is peachful. Then that make him an terrorist. And under the law he then should be taken in to the court in Haag and face his charges.

What i do not understand is this
What happen if Thaksin get what he want? 

A) Come back to Thailand
B) Then face the people that he hurt
C) Also if he want to be prime minister again is that possible when he has done all this things?

D) Will anybody trust Thaksin if he come back? Now we see farmers from the area where he get his vote that rise up against him and his regim.

E) Can everything be bought with money? Even lifes?

I have now seen and followed the news in USA, EU and there are very little said about this in the news. The strange thing is that many of our product in Europe are produced in Thailand.

And now it start to by problem with production of many of this things we buy from Thailand.

  • Rice has now been laying in storage and can not be used as food
  • Cars production is slowing down
I was supprised when i got to thailand and saw how many factory that now is in Thailand. And now this is under an war sone that going to make problem also in USA, EU if this continues.

And still nothing in the news and nobody seems to want to solve this conflict? And i ask the UN, WHY?

Where are the UN and why they not try to go in between and help to solve this problem.

Thaksin is an man that runned away from his jail time. And is therefor a criminal that the country he visit or live in. Should arrest him.

If the election should happen it is in the right way to listen to all people.

If corruption is in the goverment of today in Thailand this should be solved.

An free election is something we from western world think very high of.
But what if someone change the rules so they always win. By giving many to voters.

"Vote for me and you get a month salary from me", if you going around and not have anything.

And a guy give you food for a month, would you not take it? Even if you know it is wrong to do the things he ask you?

You are hungry and you have no money and you get a hold month salary for signing your name on a paper?

Furthermore you get food when you go to protest and really have a better life. But for what price?

Later on Thaksin want to have his money back. And that in form of things that people now rise up against.

The people are now suffering in many places in Thailand.  
 And there is so quiet from the world when innocent are now attacked by Thaksin war machine.

Some people not see this as so harmfull:
Thaksin worse than Hitler? Give us a break

But what if Obama attacked his own people like this. Would you want him as your president again?

 Maybe Thaksin did not kill so many as Hitler did.
But he stole money from the poor. 

The poor live on the street and has no wellfare. Is that not enough?

If the money from corruption was put inside a fund and made wellfare for Thailands poor people how would life then be for all?

Before i wrote about that in thailand it is over 19 mill people under the poor limit.
What have happen if all the corruption money was taken in to a wellfare fund. 

And from there made:
  • Home
  • Education
  • Work
  • Hospital for poor
And so in. In Norway we have a wellfare system that i think many would envy us. 


National Insurance (Norway)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
National Insurance is a Norwegian compulsory national social insurance system . [1]

National Insurance Scheme was introduced on 1 January 1967 by the National Insurance Act of 1966 while Egil Aarvik ( KrF ) was Social Affairs Per Borten government . Most of the National Insurance Scheme administered by the Ministry of Labour and Welfare and is funded by membership fees, social security contributions and grants from the state. National Insurance pensions are determined and adjusted every year according to the National Insurance basic amount , often called G. 

All persons resident in Norway are obliged to be members of the National Insurance Scheme. [ citation needed ] The National Insurance Scheme is based on pay-as-you-go principle [ 2] or what is called an equalization system . [3] This means that National Insurance is not funded . [3]
National Insurance provides financial aid in disease , injuries and deformities (blemishes), pregnancy and childbirth , unemployment , old age , disability , single parent responsibilities, deaths and loss of breadwinner . National insurance also covers expenses for medical treatment and rehabilitation and occupational rehabilitation , ie the return to working life .
The 1966 Act incorporated earlier benefits under their own laws, as vocational rehabilitation benefits (for short term work disability), workmen's compensation insurance, disability pensions and age-related benefits, where some public pension funds were coordinated national insurance. Most of these were to separate sections of the new law.

 Meanwhile, the law and the benefits extended to cover anyone who was born in the country (citizenship) or had enough of residence. It was secured certain minimum benefits for these groups, while the maximum benefits were calculated by a points system based on the number of working years until achieving 40 years. Anyone who could not make up all 40 years due to illness or injury occurred after one was starting to work, got the remaining years plus. Students and school pupils could get Social Security benefits based on expected career and income.
To ensure a uniform treatment of similar cases, it is made ​​circular to most of the law.


And what if all money from the coruption that has been done was put into an welfare system like this in Thailand.

What would then happen? Can you now see what crime Thaksin has done by taking money that belong to all people in Thailand.?

When you steal from the government, you really steal from all these:


 Is that ok ? And now the guy that was found guilty by the court of these can live as a king in Dubai. And make war against his enemy because they try to save their own people from corruption?

Wake up world. And now do something in Thailand ! Demand that Thaksin now be arrested so there can be peace in Thailand.

I do not say that all people in current goverment is bad. But at least the people that now has problem should have the chance to get someone that really want to help them.

And right now you can see this:


Who gave Thaksin the right to take another mans life? 
And then not let him stand accountable for that?

If he did this is he not a criminal? 

How can Thaksin hid away in another country? And if he is quilt of this i ask The UN to make an arrest.And now take him to The court in Haag. If he is not quilty then he has the same right as all other. And should prove his incense to the world.

Remember this? They all though that they was doing the right thing. What about now? How do you see them now?

Yugoslav Wars were a series of violent conflicts in the former Yugoslavia between 1991 and 2001 .  

They included two periods of successive wars that affected all the six former republics of Yugoslavia: Serbia , Montenegro , Croatia , Slovenia , Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia . Kosovo and Vojvodina is part of Serbia with autonomous rights.

 Kosovo's status is still subject to negotiations by the end of the conflict in 1999 .

The wars were characterized by bitter ethnic conflicts between the peoples of the former Yugoslavia. The conflicts had diverse political, cultural and ethnic undertones, not least the fear of Serbian dominance.
The economy collapsed during the conflict and inflation was enormous at times. The economic situation was very unstable, especially in areas where fighting was hardest. The wars were also the bloodiest in Europe since World War II and resulted in a total of 300,000 dead (estimated) and millions of refugees. They were also the first conflicts since World War II that were formally described as genocide , and many of the parties involved have been accused of war crimes.

And the people that in that time ruled are now seen as war criminals 

Known accused

Among the alleged war criminals as the tribunal has accused and / or convicted, is the best known:

Do we really want this history to repeat it self?
Here is the last victim from this conflict. Why did he get injurd? Because of his believe and hope of a system that help all in his country.

Where is ?

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I would like to show you something.

if i say :

Anders Behring Breivik

What do think?

Did you know he was an political man and he did his action because he belived he was right to do so.


Actually did you also know that breivk called the police and ask them to stop him from taking lifes. 

Also he used a bomb to kill some of the people that was in an government building.

BBC Documentary on Anders Behring Breivik 

 Here is his bomb


 And the reason i talk about this ? Well he did things that he belived was the right thing to do.

And he did not care about the people that got hurt. He wanted his view to be heard and by any means.

And the bomb that hit Bangkok that hurt people. Has now evidence that point to the police. Where are the difference from Brevik and now these people?

They believe they are doing the right things.

See Brevik also is a human, but he is not a free man as the people that now attack human in Bangkok

Breivik is in jail for his killings, when is it time for this man to face his wrong doings?


I do not say he has done the bomb or has done all things. But that is a job for UN and police that not is under corruption to find out.

Then let this man now face the crime if international police found out if he his behind this things in Thailand.

Is this the bomb from Thaksin?


 Did the person behind think about kids, older people and innocents when they did this?  


Let now UN take action and make interpol take action to arrest him if he is behind this.


As an foreigner i demand now that my Thai brother has the same right as all other.


Stop killing my Thai brother NOW !

I ask all that think this is wrong to send a letter to UN

09:34 - From the bomb yesterday -  a man is now dead, who is behind his death?

46-year-old man succumbs to injuries

Bantadthong bomb attack victim dies

The victim, Prakong Choochan, 44, a resident of Nopphitam district of Nakhon Si Thammarat, died at 01.57 a.m. due to bleeding and kidney failure, Surasak Leelaudomlipi, Ramathibodi hospital director, said

 Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban was about 30 meters from where the grenade landed



- News -

Bangkok Post
Daylight bombing of protest heightens fears

Corruption award goes to rice scheme

The Nation

Dozens injured in grenade attack

Thai PBS English News

Farmer protests spread
Southern rail line bombed in Cha-am




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