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søndag 12. januar 2014

Bangkok is closing

Today the road in bangkok was a really nightmare. Normally we use 15 home. But there are road block in the streets.
And now Bangkok is closing. Tomorrow is will start the biggest fight.

I used 2 hour home and i never seen trafic like this. Tomorrow is going to be really bad.


Protesters move in early for Bangkok shutdown

UN chief launches Thai mediation effort

Roads to revolution 


It has started

The plan is to close all work and office for the goverment in Bangkok .

The government has moved all government workers to different places.
Where all workers a placed inside one room for all. Like a big conference room. ( I have picture from inside) 

This is how the government officers have to work under these protest. Yingluck really not want this to be told.

This people are forced to continue work to show that government do not back down. 
How people can work when first have no road to go to work on to work. And then is left on their own to carry their office around.

This is a way to show that protest do not work. But how much work do you really think can be done under environment like this? 

I know many of these people not have a laptop, but real big pc.
And they carry screen and the big box. And they move around from building to building.

Bangkok Post
Unusually smooth Monday traffic

It was earlier expected that the “Bangkok shutdown” operation, which aims to paralyse the capital and put pressure to force caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to resign, would slow or halt traffic...

Bangkok traffic cams showed little traffic on main roads and toll roads, probably because many residents and workers stayed home, either in support of the protests or in...


Why you all think?

Because other people that has shop or private firm stay at home. Meanwhile government force other people to go to work no matter what.

Their safety well we do not care about that.

Government people that show support are being reported to Capo.
And then police then make it very hard for anyone that has a different view.

This is Yingluck government. Is this democracy ? Or are they not very similar to:

Let us see:

A dictator is a ruler who does not rule through democratic means. 

When other states call the head of state of a particular state a dictator, that state is called a dictatorship

                                                                                Joseph Stalin

 A dictatorship is defined as an autocratic or authoritarian form of government in which a government is ruled by either an individual: a dictator, or a small group of people, as in an oligarchy.

Also their is only one party that now run an election campaign. And guess who ?
Their posters are all over Bangkok now. And they was put up the day after Yingluck said an new election would be held.

I am for redshirts view also. But think it is always room for all. But this is not an election that we see in USA and Europe.

It is an election where people are forced, and people are shot for their view. And also make work places have red people and yellow people in a fight. 

Yingluck misuse her position all people in goverment system, that say against her. Are made to be quiet 

She use Capo to make sure all support her view. 

Definition :

How does a dictator rule?


A dictator rules with absolute authority. He sets the laws, punishments, and cannot be punished himself by those set laws. He controls all aspects of the country and its government, including its military. There is no voting, no opposition, no voicing your opinion. If you do your liable to be killed as well as your family.

List of being an dictator:

A) Well laws have been changed to support - Yingluck - That is one

Answer Ref: Amnesty bill

B) Punishment - well Capo find all on you and set you to prision - That is 2.

C) Control all in country - almost.

D) All other politician are being taken in to criminal court Voting is controlled by - Yingluck and money - that is 3

Thailand: Former PM Abhisit's "Murder" Trial Begins

He is blamed for this

Shooting at Khok Wua injures seven

E) Killing - well there are now many people that have been killed by this..

 And see this:

Thailand: Regime Promises ‘Death Penalty’ for Peaceful Protests

Read more here

See redshirt leader in action about this here.

And after this what happen?

F) News are being controlled by Goverment.


We are now very near the line of being an dictator

Also people have had their car taken, account frozen.
Do as i say or i take all of your belonging.

Well i have problem seeing the line from government in Thailand and dictatorship definition .

If you want to see all info what Thaksin might have done see here:



Bangkok Protesters Call for Yingluck to Quit or Thailand's Stock Exchange Will Be Stopped

How Thailand Can Beat Corruption, Dump Thaksin Forever and Start Over

Phuket protest underway, thousands expected to join

EC ignores Pheu Thai’s legal action threat

Army slams red-shirt activist’s abduction threat

Gunshots fired into home of a PDRC activist in Udon Thani

EXPOSED: Fake "Respect My Vote" Protest Abuse Fellow Protester

Thaksin change from redshirt - white shirt scam.


Suthep kicks off Bangkok shutdown mass protest

Govt thanks Ban; Abhisit sends letter to UN

Stage set for huge 'Bangkok shutdown'

Pheu Thai: Why delay vote till May 4?

Shutdown will be a flop, says Thaksin aide

Ohh so Thaksin does rule ? I thought is was Yingluck.  

The truth is this









CAPO says PDRC’s demand illegal

Gunshot wounds a protester guard

Gunfire and explosions at Democracy Monument leave five wounded


Pathum Thani anti-government protesters were reportedly attacked with pingpong bombs, gunshots, and knives by redshirts at Lam Luk Ka today

Here is a video from this. (hear the gun shot)


Redshirt attack yellow shirt Video


See this new video from this. (Turn down volum first ) 

Model helicopter take this movie 


Earlier this poster was on the news.

Here the redshirt leader said " He will give 500 000 baht to the one who bring the democrat leader (Head) to him"



In Europe that will be enough to bring this guy to jail.

Is this the way to have an democracy ? And is it not illegal to go on to tv and say you bring me this guy and i give you money? 

  This is today comfirmed by this:



13:01:2014 - kl 21:26

Reds set 500,000 baht bounty for Suthep’s arrest

Kwanchai proposes 500,000 baht reward for Suthep’s arrest

  (And this money comes from whom). If an dictator not like something what does he do?

Yes he arrest all that has different view and make sure that nobody can do same . 



International media always talk to Thaksin.

Here is some question next time. What about all i have shown today.

Who tells all these people to do this ?













NO it is not the movie with Will Smith. But first let us see info about Capo




Capo - Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order

See press release from capo:

What is CAPO?


CAPO head Surapong Tovichakchaikul ( In the middle)

Surapong assigned as new CAPO head

BANGKOK, 3 December 2013 – Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has appointed Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul as the new head of the Center for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO).

What is strange is that this is made when "thaksin regim had power.

May Capo be  Thailands answer to KGB ( Komiteen for statens sikkerhet,).
Today KGB is called FSK.

The first mention of CAPO found was when it was formed  on 17 September 2009 by the board of the Internal Security Operations Command following the Cabinet’s approval of the ISA from 18-22 September 2009 in Dusit District of Bangkok.






The Center for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) Saturday alleged that some protesters disguised themselves as policemen to smash windshields of people’s vehicles near the Bangkok Youth Centre Thursday to blame police for the violence.  

CAPO Spokesman Pol Maj Gen Piya Uthayo said at a press conference that police had arrested a protester who allegedly admitted that he was paid Bt500 to disguise himself as a policeman to hit the vehicles.

 This is now confirmed to be a lie, with CAPO’s credibility rent asunder.


Thai Policeman destroy voluntary nurse

 Click on picture to see video on youtube.


Thailand: “Men-in-Black” Gunmen Were Regime Police


Thailand: Thaksin Supporters Threaten to Kidnap & Kill Daughters of Army Chief















Thaksin Shinawatra's secret "black shirt" force of provocateurs, mostly made up of navy SEALS and marines, is back on the streets again for the first time since May 2010 and has infiltrated Suthep's rabble. If protests escalate they will seek to incite deadly violence ahead of King Bhumibol's birthday to discredit Suthep and his movement for good.



Thailand: Regime's "Men in Black" Strike Again


Thailand: “Men-in-Black” Gunmen Were Regime Police


Thailand: Regime's Foreign Minister Claims Police Using "International Standards"


 Police throwing rock ? I don't think so.










 And Police is this guy?


















Image: A freeze frame from footage showing one of Thaksin Shinawatra's heavily armed, professional mercenaries on the streets of Bangkok in 2010 after executing a deadly ambush against riot troops that would leave 7 soldiers dead including the Army Colonel commanding crowd control operations. Called the "men in black" because of their black garbs and covert nature, they have become a permanent, troubling and integral part of Thaksin Shinawatra's political machine



Thailand: “Men-in-Black” Gunmen Were Regime Police

CAPO also confirmed to have lied about “police dressed as protesters,” in yet another egregious episode exposing Shinawatra regime as illegitimate and intolerable.











Who are Thailand's men in black


Thailand Crisis - May 19th - 15:58 - Men in black in the street





new video from 2010 where a foreigner joined redshirt and he is dressed in black


Video of Bon Kai's street pyrotechnics during the Bangkok crisis






A government-ordered independent investigation exonerated the military and security forces of all blame in the killings. Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban claimed that the soldier didn't attack the protestor, but blamed them for running into military unit.[134] The government claimed that unidentified "Black Shirts" fired on protesters.

  A Human Rights Watch investigation found that Black Shirts were often well-trained active duty and former soldiers claiming that their objective is to protect the Red Shirt protesters, but their real job was to terrorize the soldiers, and some actually wore military uniforms




So when are the men i black going to come out again?

"Well we did not have to wait long for that "

Bullets sprayed at Democrat HQ

There is an video also in that article.


Posted 2013-12-02 09:36:24

 Police to probe mysterious black-shirt gunman

BANGKOK: -- Metropolitan police have set up a special team of police to probe into the shooting of students by a gunman in black shirt at Ramkhamhaeng university during the clash between red-shirt supporters of the government and the students.

Who they going to investigate ? Them self?


Who were the men in black?


The Truth for Reconciliation Commission has shed light on the mystery of the "men in black", saying they were linked with red-shirt security guards and Maj Gen Khattiya Sawasdipo






Older news:


Thailand: Thaksin Shinawatra's Foreign Lobbyists

 See the form here















More form see link above.


Thailand: Regime Deploys Black-Clad Militants

Thailand’s Thaksin Regime and The Cambodian Connection


 Cambodian dictator-for-life Hun Sen (left) stands next to deposed dictator of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra (right)

Thailand: As Promised Regime Deploys Black-Clad Militants

Are the black men really from Cambodia ? Picture from article above.

The same night, 5 Cambodians were caught attempting to torch the main anti-regime protest stage at Democracy Monument, according to Thai PBS.

Published on Nov 30, 2013

Shinawatra regime thugs open fire on Students


How to understand Thailand’s conflict

Descent into Chaos - Human Rights Watch (PDF) - report


  13 charges and/or convictions that Thaksin will be nullified from if the Amnesty Bill is passed by the Senate (set to be heard around Nov 6-11 after it was hastily passed by Congress on Nov 1 at 0425 AM):

1. Land fraud in Ratchada area in 1999 while he was the PM. This case is already final and he was sentenced to 2 years in prison in 2008. This prompted his self-imposed excile.

2. A tax evasion case in 2001 while he was still the PM. This was finalized and 460 billion baht was confiscated from him. If the Amnesty Bill is passed by the Senate (and it likely will), the money along with interest totaling over 600 billion baht will be returned to him.

3. Corruption over procurement of laboratory equipment to check agricultural produce.

4. Fraud over lottery system.

5. Becoming unusually wealthy after he became a PM.

6. Submitting false personal assets.

7. Loaning 40 billion baht to Myanmar through Exim Bank to accommodate his own business at Shin Corp.

8. Amending the law to convert concession tax to excise tax to accommodate his own business at Shin Corp.

9. Corruption over the purchase of several fire trucks. He is a co-defendant along with Pracha Maleenon who has just escaped the country after the court issued a verdict and sentenced him (Pracha) to prison.

10. Corruption over a housing project for the poor.

11. Corruption over the construction of Suvarnabhumi International Airport in the so-called CTX case.

12. Corruption over the construction of Suvarnabhumi International Airport, a separate case related to the Airport’s conduits system.

13. Fraud over 80 billion baht loan from a government bank (Krung Thai) to his son’s construction company.

All of these charges happened when Thaksin was the PM, well before the political protests by Redshirts in 2010 under Abhisit Vejjajiva’s government. You see, some of these charges carry death sentences. Redshirts have been held hostage as excuses to pass the Amnesty Bill. The bill is for one fraudulent person only with amnesty to other people only as by-product.







  Here you get a short view in what this is about.


Outside MBK Right Now.






See picture here


See lates news come in on this link


1:43 pm

CAPO spokesman Pol Maj-Gen Piya Uthaiyo said of the 27 guns stolen from the smashed police vehicles parked in Din Daeng area, 21 guns were state property and the rest were private property.
The stolen guns included  six shotguns, 12   teargas guns, and  three handguns of the state property, and six privately-owned handguns.
The spokesman said the police will set up more road checkpoints to check the smuggling of weapon into the protest site to prevent violence.

How can 1 car have 27 guns in one time ? This is the way to give red people guns.

Capo is no out with lies again.

"From Democracy to Dictatorship."


  Book :

Uprooting Wall Street's Thaksin Regime

  Download it from here


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