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mandag 13. januar 2014

Bangkok Shut down - Day 2

Today there might be many things happening while more people come inside Bangkok.

 While we waiting for some news

Scorpions - Wind Of Change

Pink Floyd - High Hopes - Remember That Night



This is how protest people sleep

09:54 - And the first picture of waking up people are now coming.

Thaksin friend in trouble

CPP-CNRP political deal on horizon

"Of the key demands relayed back to the premier from the opposition, 80 per cent have been agreed to, according to Ley and Rithy.
A snap election and Hun Sen stepping down – key demands of the opposition-led street protests and mass demonstrations that rounded out 2013 – are not on the agenda, they said"

Hun Sen, Rainsy to meet for talks, says govt spokesman

This might have some effect on Thailand.

Did you know that Thaksin wanted to make an Casino right over the boarder in Cambodia?

There are many who also say that Thaksin get his support from Hun Sen.
This by military that comes into Bangkok and make problem, see more about Men in Black in this blogg.

Hun Sen pledges reforms

"Mybe old guys with dictator idea is losing their ground. "

Source :
On the trail of Thaksin in Cambodia
By Stephen Kurczy

KOH KONG, Cambodia - Speculation runs hot and heavy that exiled former Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra has secretly and repeatedly visited the remote Cambodian border province of Koh Kong to meet with his political allies and plan the next phase of his campaign to oust Thailand's government and restore himself to power.

According to the same media report, Hun Sen supposedly agreed with Thaksin's plan to build Koh Kong's second casino and entertainment complex during a round of golf in April 2008.

Thai Political Facts Info

Q+A – What’s behind Cambodia’s offer to give Thaksin a home?

11:46 - MBK Bangkok
See live tv on this link also - Right corner is a small window with live tv. (Also full screen possible)

12:14 - And Now it has started again. People are moving

A home-made bomb exploded at the house of a leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) in Mae Klong district of Samut Sakhon province, damaging  her front gate. 


People are moving to here

Target - Department of Land Transport
                        National Police headquarters

Yingluck and Capo in meeting now.

NRK Norway 


Q1 - What is it that the protest people want ?

 They want to get rid of Yingluck, by any mean. (Close water and power to goverment buildings)

Q2 - Why do protest people want to get rid of Yingluck?

First because this is 2 group that is against each other.

Thaksin regime represent the small farmers and have given them many benefits, free medical care, free education, subsidies of the rice price. This has given the poor people up up of affluence scale
this is not like the elite and bourgeoisie here in Bangkok and in the southern part of Thailand.
So it is a kind of class struggle that takes place in Thailand now. Where the elite see that they are about to lose their grip on power
Ingeniøren that is from Norway: 
How wrong is it possible to get ?
See this is told in my home country. They do not see things that i have told in my blogg.

Q3 - it is the elite who are out in the system and demonstrates

Jada there are many pretty hotshot ladies and gentlemen out in the streets.
But they also bring many of the poor here in town.

There are many who is the king of faith that support the elite here. Because the king and not like thaksin and yingluck shinawath   So many probably will be back an absolute monarchy  
How it was previously in Thailand.  

And by demonstrating today and future create chaos the hope that they can protesters press army to grip in so that the elected government may be allocated.  

And can introduce a new board that is designated in lieu of.

So they had previously had and again can come to power

 (Done by - Goggle Translate)

This is a serious reporter i Norway. I am sorry but what a h... have this reporter ever seen the way things are done by Yingluck. And the did not say 1 word about amnesty bill for Thaksin


Maybe this help:

Let me make a little list of this:

Rice Corrruption 
Fake rice business cheats farmers.
Farmers in North lose 20 million in rice swindle

 Rubber farmers rallying in Bangkok - why?
The farmers, who say they cannot live on the money they are receiving for their produce. The price was first put on rubber. Then goverment changed that price.

Amnesty bill - free all charges to Thaksin. 
(Get a free card from jail)
That made many redshirt go free from killings i periode 2006 - 2010
The government has done many corruption in rice and road project

Flood-rehabilitation corruption
The channels in Bangkok has been done work on to not have flooding .
But someone always need some money

Govt debt: Borrow 2 trillion now for next half century?

And election where people are paid to vote.
A former Pheu Thai MP accused of illegally voting to pass the Bt2trillion loan bill insisted the MP identification cards he used for the vote were all his, not those of his colleagues.
There are video where cards have been used for other people that not was present in Parliament . ANd the vote has been used to change things.
That is a not legal , but you did not do homework on that. 

Also something i have seen by myself.
Democrat has not been able to get time to speak in the parliament. Meeting about importen things have been vote at 0400 at night and only Thaksin party get info about the voting
I can go on, putting more info But a serious reporter as NRK had in Thailand should have done his homework, before he gave this report.And to go on National tv with this report is a shame . You should not have this power to make report back to Norway.

 Regarding corruption eradication, Abhisit said the party’s blueprint proposed 20 measures which include, among others, amending regulations pertaining to procurement, changing anti-graft law to give more powers to the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the ombudsmen and the Office of Audit-General, promoting research on corruption and creation of a fund to fight corruption in the private sector.
I am just a blogger and you (Anders Magnus) have over 25 years with news. 
And you do this work? I will never trust any report from this news reporter ever again.
Well enough with uneducated news reporters from Norway.

More news will come in here


I Think this outside Land of Transport and now protest people has closed this department. If i am not sure i will tell you reader that also. Not like un - serious reporters.

  • Anti-government protesters marched to the Customs Department at Klong Toey to close the building this morning while the Labour and Commerce ministries were surrounded yesterday

  • Protesters have sealed off more than 10 government buildings.

  • Phuket Employment Office closed due to anti-government protests

Suthep Thaugsuban on Lardprao stage (17.07)
It is time to cleanse Thailand of dirty politics - we deserve no less than free and fair elections that truly reflect the voice of the people. To this end, urgent reform before the next election is needed to ensure that every citizen has standing to bring graft and corruption charges against politicians and those committing electoral fraud.

Web cam:

Bangkok - Sukhumvit Road,5,11,webcam.html

Corruption in the World
Source :

The last from bluesky
Many station has been destroyed so people not can see Bluesky channel. This is the way of redshirt and sabotage to let poor people not know what is going on.
This in North of Thailand.

And when you come home and find this on your gate. Then you understand that not all are so friendly.


Unexploded package officials continue to bomb Russia's RGD5 condition. The country has never ordered Thai brought both military and police, and Yes, it's the brothers come from? (Google translate)


Army top brass satisfied with peaceful shutdown protest

Protesters to remove concrete barrier at the National Police Office

Farmers plan protests against the government for rice payments
"Rice farmers have threatened mass protests against the government for its repeated broken promises to pay them for the crops which were “pledged” with the government dating back to as long as last October."

Democrats in favour of executive decree to set up reform committee: deputy leader
 "The Democrat Party appears to back the proposal by 25 private organisations for the issuing of an executive decree that would see the setting up of a reform committee, Nipit Intarasombat deputy Democrat Party leader said on Tuesday."

PM says she will not resign

Govt service as usual despite Bangkok shutdown: CAPO

 "Government officials will continue to carry out their work despite the blocking by protesters of some state properties, the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO)'s chief Surapong Tovichakchaikul said Tuesday"

"What he did not say is that the people are moved . And they have to carry Office PC and all the things they need for their job.
But they not care about that. Also they do not care how people get to work. Where they can park car and so on."

Bangkok Shutdown affects 135 banks
Thai protesters target ministries, threaten stock exchange - Reuters
Thailand crisis: Protesters march as 'shutdown' continues - BBC News

See video from Norwegian TV in this article.

Demonstrantene strammer grepet i Thailand

ThaiPBS named top channel for live coverage of Din Daeng protests
Protesters start second day of siege of government offices
 Constitution court puts off 2 trillion baht loan bill hearing

Pressure weighs on Yingluck 
"As govt fails to draw red-shirt support, PM changes tune on poll delay "

Suthep, EC reject invite to talks on poll postponement

UDD rebrands, urges faithful to don white
"Anti-coup rallies take hold in 21 provinces "

Protesters plan to surround Customs Department
Suthep promises to shutdown Bangkok indefinitely
Troops allowed to don civilian clothes .

PM calls meeting to discuss election date

Appeals Court clears General Thammarak of election fraud

Older news

A battle won in Thailand's 'war'

News of Thaksin Shinawatra staying in Koh Kong denied by Cambodian officials

Human Right Violation by Thaksin Shinawatra

Thaksin has hijacked democracy with money politics

"Foreign media, foreign governments and international community liked Thaksin because they viewed that he came from the electoral process. They also viewed that the rural voters’ political view should be respected by the whole country.

The world’s opinion on Thailand now is tilting toward the rural voters, who now have come to the forefront of democracy in Thailand through their majority votes. Any political opposition against their aspirations or wishes is branded as undemocratic. The rural voters look at democracy as what they can get from the politicians.The Politicians"


PDRC-Nonthaburi’s facebook page:

 People's Democratic Reform Committee - PDRC

International news reported before 200 000 people in protest why they did when the real number was : See here

4.8 million protesters on 22 December 2013


Rice Farmers Revolt? A Solution to Thailand's "Class War"

BBC Openly Sides With Regime - Portrays Protesters as Violent, Anti-Democratic

Men i Black

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