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mandag 6. januar 2014

Free tablet and new cars anyone ? But for what cost?

Did you know this.

Thailand's one tablet per child policy

Year 2 for Govt's tablet programme

"The government's "one tablet per child" policy is getting ready for its second year with 1.8 million devices proposed for distribution."

A committee on the terms of reference for the auction has concluded that tablet computers for Prathom 1 students will be acquired for 2,720 baht a piece.

They will have seven-inch screens, eight gigabytes of storage space and 1.5GHz dual-core processors.

Tablets for Mathayom 1 students will be purchased at 2,920 baht a piece and will have eight-inch screens and double the storage capacity.

The thai govermant give all kids in school an Tablet.

Here you see the have some problem with supplier.

This is one of the reason that poor people love Yingluck goverment.

What if you was poor and someone gave your child and free tablet?

You have to support a government that do that right?

Is this an corruption for getting more vote?

But who do really pay for all these tablet ?  

2920 baht x 1,8 million kids = 5256 million baht

Or the new car policy ?

500,000 new cars on the road soon 

Do all know this:

Debt now 80% of GDP

I see my neighborhood, people that has an house where you can see outside from the inside, have brand new cars?

"Household debt rose to 80.1% of the country's GDP in the third quarter of 2013, boosted mainly by the government's tax refund scheme for first-time car buyers "

So what happen when it is payment time?

 from 2011












Is this the way to win election ? Maybe, who would not have all this.

But what happen to older cars:

Used car prices collapse


What a great goverment that give all these wonderful gifts right? 


This is what poor people not see now. Most take all these gifts and love it. But what other goverment in the world do same as this?

The money for this where do that  come from? And we are educated to understand that this is from tax money.

And when all is used  in our "wallet" then we need to get higher income to support high spending.

And there is what Thailands poor people not understand. They will think that when problem come is because something happen from overseas.

In iceland this already happen. But when is it Thailands turn to hit rock bottom. With this spending i would think very soon.


Long-standing divide between rich and poor fuels Thai conflict

Maybe you need education to understand this?

According to a United Nations report issued in 2000, Thailand has 9.8 million poor people, 5.8 million ultra poor people and 3.4 million almost poor people.  The total figure is 19 million, or 29.9% of the population, and is concentrated in provinces along the borders in the West, North, and Northeast regions.


But we can affort to give all free tablet?

We in Norway has:

5,096,300 people


19 / 5,096,300 = 3,72 times Norwegian population.


And they give away tablet? What about giving something else?


This is the Thai government.  Maybe now Western people understand the same that the yellow protest people understand and try very hard to tell the western people.


The yellow protest people are educated people like doctors, lawyers, judges, and people with understanding how economic works.


In the red shirt you have people that most not have done 8 years in school . They think that this government give all this gift and they are
so nice to all them.

Problem is one day payment have to be done. And then they will get serious problem. Land taken by bank. The bank will go bankrupt and now people are on the street.

This have already happen i Europe.

Student tablet project hit as suppliers falter


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