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torsdag 16. januar 2014

Bangkok Shut down - day 4

 Peace can be created by a critical mass of people focusing their thoughts on peace or having peaceful thoughts. 
And when enough people focus on peace instead of war, on harmony instead of discord, on love instead of hate, the idea of peace will resonate throughout  the world.  This groundswell of thought will lead to actions that will achieve the goal of world peace and understanding.

Together we can do it all, so come and join.

BANGKOK, Jan 15 – Pheu Thai Party leader/caretaker Interior Minister Jarupong Ruangsuwan urged human rights agencies to protect his basic rights after electricity and water supply at his residence were cut by protesters.
Anti-government demonstrators of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) today cut the water and electricity lines at Mr Jarupong’s residence on Soi Lat Phrao 19.
Mr Jarupong commented that water and electricity are basic needs to lead a normal life. He said it’s up to the public if they are fine with the fact that the PDRC shut all the basic facilities, create protests and block roads.
The caretaker minister asked if human rights organisations have awakened to protect the basic rights of the people to have water and electricity.
Mr Jarupong said he had sent his representative to lodge a complaint against the culprits.
“It’s alright. They cut it. We can fix it. This way, the country will go to a dark path and reach no solution. But if the cutting of electricity and water will bring about a general election, I have no problem with it,”  the caretaker minister said. (MCOT online news)

Top Ten Worst World Leaders

And for the reporters that not understand this conflict

Can you see that the farmers that you say " Redshirt" also do protest against Yingluck now. 


Finance says it cannot pay farmers by January 15

"Earlier the bank union Prasit Pahome threatened to take the case to the National Anti Corruption Committee, the Election Commission, and the Constitutional Court if the bank’s board insisting on using the bank’s 180 billion baht liquidity to pay the rice as requested by the government"

Suthep Thaugsuban (21.17): Yingluck, you shall see that there really is hell on earth. Once we prevail, we will seize those assets that you stole from Thailand and return them to our nation. Stop saying that you can't resign because you're obligated by law to remain in office. You're just Thaksin's medium. You don't think, you only follow his instructions. I'm a much better medium - I can carry out the will of the people because we think as one

EC is short of 140,000 election officials for 15 southern provinces

With the election barely three weeks away, the Election Commission is still unable to recruit some 140,000 election officials needed to supervise elections in 15 southern provinces, EC’s secretary-general Puchong Nutrawong admitted Wednesday

08:53 -Yingluck will find a way? Just all in Thailand give me your vote in an envelope. Then i put them all in... well my vote case. No problem right? We just say we have a free election and keep that as our secret.

And here we see censorship being done, one step closer to being an dictator.

NBTC to probe jamming of anti-government Blue Sky Channel

Hitler on the phone with Yingluck

This happen yesterday


Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) labor union - Taken 14:15

These make problem with bombs see link under

Right now it is little news that comes. I will update as soon as something come

17:14 CAPO: a special team has been set up to hunt down protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban.

- NEWS -

Bangkok Post

Sporadic attacks fire up tensions

Radical reds 'stocking arms' for city fight


The Nation

I hear they take members - Yingluck


Thai PBS

PM Yingluck is to be probed in connection with fake rice deal
Ex-Minister Boonsong vows to fight his case in court

Appeals Court rejects Suthep’s appeal against his arrest

PM assures government’s non-interference in reform roadmap
Special team set up to hunt protest leader Suthep

Government faces growing pressure from more farmers
Industry confidence declines to 25-month low

More gunshots and bombs hit anti-government protests

Abhisit says bomb attack was well organized
Police agree to work closely with PDRC guards to step up security
NBTC to probe jamming of anti-government Blue Sky Channel
Democrat party to boycott all government’s activities unless
Protesters encircle public health ministry, revenue offices
PDRC activist urges police to safeguard protesters

Farmers to march into Bangkok

CAPO issues tough warning to Suthep
Bomb attack at house of PDRC activist leader Issara Somchai
CAPO orders probe into arrest of Navy SEAL troopers near protest site




PDRC-Nonthaburi’s facebook page:

 People's Democratic Reform Committee - PDRC


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