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torsdag 2. januar 2014

Some news:


Pol Gen Adul: 'Men in black' are policemen
And the black men in 2010. Who where they?

UPDATED: The police chief admits the armed "men in black" seen on a roof top near the Din Daeng protest on Dec 26 were police, but a police adviser explains why they could not possibly have shot the two people who died from bullet wounds received outside the election candidacy registration centre that day.

see video here

Hate to USA now.
I would like to ask USA what they think about this?

USA have blamed a lot in news in Thailand. Then against The democrat people.

Also people know about plan USA have about your plan of naval base in Thailand. That is why USA people should fear to be in thailand now.

There is a great hate to USA in Bangkok now a days.

There are some article that have trigger this hate. And also i read yesterday an article in New York times where all support went to Thaksin.

People that tried to say against this article was not allowed to write their opinion, is that the land of the free ?

 Before i had a flag from USA. I am now to afraid to have that in public.

Who are Thailand's men in black

The government says the rebels, who wore black and covered their faces with hoods and balaclavas, appeared in the crowds of protesters and opened fire on troops, triggering chaos and prompting panicked soldiers to fire back in self-defense.

Government officials and the army believe the men in black are politically aligned with the red shirt movement and sought to cause bloodshed severe enough to force Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to call a new election.
Red shirt leaders say the "black clads" are protecting them, but they don't know who they are.

Unmasked: Thailand's men in black
Thailand's Red Shirts: How to Hide an Army Under the Nose of the World
Army chief says “Men in Black” is real
PM calls for army to help quell protest


                         Who are Thailand's men in black

Maybe Thaksin has build up and army with policemen that has red as their color.


 From 2010 we see a redshirt with an police officer. 
Are Thaksin old friends in the police the "men in Black"?
 And do they give training to red shirt also.(Picture from 2010)

And when the "men in black" are on a raid. Are some redshirt with them?
Maybe it is time to divide Northeast from rest of thailand.
"Make a Thaksin stat" Where he is president? Well it might solve a big problem.
All corruption that he might have done in one place. And have a border where rest of Thailand have freedom from his power?

The president of redshirt rule his red people? It is just an idea.

"Thaksinland" might be a name for that?Or North Thailand same as North Korea.

Seems other think the same :Try cutting Thailand in two
                                           Welcome to the Republic of Thaksin

Skype address shows Thaksin orders, Pheu Thai follows



See this also about men i black

Men-in-Black" kill Kor Por Tor guard Yuthana Ongart and injured 3 others

Also see these video



The rice scheme is corrupted and has lost more than 40 billions baht


News 03:01.2014

This is very interesting 

"Household debt rose to 80.1% of the country's GDP in the third quarter of 2013, boosted mainly by the government's tax refund scheme for first-time car buyers."

Cops trashed car, but didn't kill, chief says 

Ingeniøren"No but one person got bleeding from her lung"  That was nothing in your eyes right?

 "Those men on the rooftop of a Labour Ministry building were police officers ordered up there by the commander in charge of the police's handling of the protest. The car-smashing officers have already... "

"Judging by the trajectory, those bullets could not have been fired from the rooftop," Jarumporn said. He was also quick to add that the police team on the rooftop had only rubber bullets and tear gas."

Why did he earlier say that these "men in black "  was not poilce men?
In Europe this policeman already been taken out of service. Also the "men i black" world have been suspended. 


 The people that got killed. Here is the map















Rare act of decency, honesty

"Finally, there is a police officer who is decent and courageous enough to tell the people the truth about the "men in black" on the rooftop of the Ministry of Labour and the so-called "fake" policemen"

 Who is responsible for police ? 
The head leader in Thailand is Yingluck.
Where is human right in this?

Family of Din Daeng victim want justice

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