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onsdag 15. januar 2014

Bangkok Shut down - Day 3

John Lennon - imagine

Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World

 Events last night

Shirts or not:


Is this the way to do. Is this the last step of an desperate ex-leader.

And who started this civil war ?  What will history books show .

I hope western News see this and really get what kind of leader Thaksin is. No shots have been fired from democrat.
But redshirt and "The men in Black" is the army that has used methods that an dictator use.

Go back in history and you will see what happen to all dictators.  

Also to attack house to you opponents show what kind of leader you are.

You followers can be controlled by you Thaksin. But you choose to let an army go out and shoot around and have bombs.

Have you run out of argument. Really you are better then that Thaksin. Ones you was an politician what are you now?

Stop this violence Mr Thaksin.

This is the weapon for your opponents.And the world is watching now. Next time might be International Court of Justice in Haag.

Sparks would then ask why the protesters don't just agree to go to polls and put the question of legitimacy to a vote. Of course, when a government violates the law, the process is judicial, not electoral. Surely Sparks must know this. 

Dr. Seri responds by explaining that the current government of Thailand is a dictatorship - and in this regard he is absolutely right - by the ruling party's own admission, it is ruled by an unelected convicted criminal and fugitive, Thaksin Shinawatra, who manages the country from abroad.

It is a big shame of foreigner that we not investigate before we speak

Look at this reporter. Have he done his homework?

I know what Dr. Seri talk about, but this reporter ask question that show he is not educated to understand what has been going on.

Really he looks like a stupied man in front of so many people.

What DR.Seri talk about is all corruption that was done under Thaksin and under now Yingluck.
I can talk about all this for a day. Yesterday an Norwegian reporter also show how little he know about this conflict.

I have shown video on this blogg where people are given money to vote. And i have seen with my own eyes that people are paid when Thaksin take poor people to Bangkok.

The payment was done when people was leaving the bus. And this happen I Mung Thong Thani.

If an reporter should write something go into the hart of what have been said. And see what have been done.

All info are at newspaper i Thailand, video are at youtube. But to come as this reporter and say an legal election has given Yingluck the power in Thailand. And then not investigated all of things before this interview, well he look like a fool.

It is like to say The Prime Minister in Norway is Obama.

This reporter wourld get more info by going to UN  in Bangkok.But did i preparer for that in this interview- NO.

I would be so embarrassed to come onto the stage and say this without finding out the fact, if i was this reporter.
I might never come back to Thailand. :-) That is how embarrassed i would be.

How Thai tycoon Thaksin bought his way to power


Thailand's Thaksin: corrupt autocrat or people's champion?

This protest started with this

also see this " and this is an video you need to see to understand this"

You might say that the Amnesty bill is Yingluck and Thaksin biggest mistake. If they not had done this, then Yingluck still would sit as Prim Minister and had small problems.

"She triggered an avalanche by this suggestions"

(And that might have been an Home sick big brother that pushed to much to return back to Thailand)

People from rual area also have turned because they not got paid for the rice they have produced.
They had a deal to get paid xxx baht and later they did noe get paid.

That happen also to rubber farmers in south. And now corruption grow and grow.

And is now what you can see happening right now.All  bad things are now coming up.

To understand this start with Amnesty bill find out what was done, why it was done and so on, how did the voting for this been done.

Then go on to something like this

Why Yingluck's re-election sparked violence in Thailand

A Dummy's Guide To Thailand's General Election 2011


Then find out how the election, what was done. How did poor people learn about voting and how they got paid to vote.

All is out on the web, youtube, and also by 1 search on Bangkok Post you find out this:

Search for corruption:

More suspects named in rice scandal
The Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has found that more senior officials may have been involved in alleged corruption in the government's rice-pledging scheme.

Ask yourself also this: Who loose on corruption on rice ? Yes the poor people that Thaksin "helped".

News:11:39 on rice scandal

"The panel has completed its investigation with report that it has substantial evidence and ground to propose the full NACC board to proceed with the prosecution of these wrongdoers.
Among the wrongdoers with clear evidence of corruption is the former commerce minister Boonsong Teriyapiromใ"
Link here

News - Finance says it cannot pay farmers by January 15

Regime fails to follow through on unsustainable rice buying scam

Northern farmers to blockade Asian Highway

This is Thaksin redshirt people that now not get paid, because money is gone. Corruption has done that in Yingluck goverment

And go on like this and you will learn why? And then you learn about why this is happening.



Route today:

At 00.12, an unknown gunman(men) opened fire on protesters near Pathumwan stage (Saphan Hua Chang bridge). At the time of the original posting (around 00.30), two people had been injured in the head and leg. Gunshots could still be heard around Ratchathewi junction.

Video here

10 questions: What's behind the protests in Thailand?

Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has ordered troops to step up security patrols near the Hua Charng bridge where gunmen opened fire on security guards of PDRC last night.

Night of Terror as Regime Attempts to Break "Occupy Bangkok"

- NEWS - 

Al Jazerra

Bangkok Post
Election discussion agrees Feb 2 polls must go ahead
Crisis breeds opportunity  

Four arrested for allegedly involving in attack at Abhisit's house: Thaworn

Thai PBS
Second rice crops in Suphan Buri are dying due to water shortage

PM to chair first reform forum meeting
EC is short of 140,000 election officials for 15 southern provinces

Army chief steps up security at Hua Charng bridge
Suspects not involve in bomb attack at Abhisit’s house
Air Force opens its HQ for election postponement forum
Shutdown Bangkok protest enters the third day
Abhisit urges courage to rule fishy rice deal case
Attackers of Abhisit’s house arrested

10:27 am
Among the four suspects is a woman. They are now detained at Bang Na police station for questioning.
The former Songkhla MP of the Democrat party said the four suspects have link with  politicians in the caretaker government.

Gunfires, explosions and arson rock several protest sites leaving many injured

Suthep announces to hold cabinet minister captive
Bangkok closes 146 schools in capital on January 13

Thai Army strongly slams Thaksin’s lawyer
Four labour unions vow to join Bangkok Shutdown




PDRC-Nonthaburi’s facebook page:

 People's Democratic Reform Committee - PDRC

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