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torsdag 8. november 2012

Merkelig Thailand.

Jeg satt å kikket på ulike steder i Thailand. Og kom over denne jernbanen. Thaiene er kjent for å lage market på de merkligste steder. Og alle skal selge mat, selv om 5 millioner andre gjør det.

Og hvem lager til at market midt ute i en elv? Jo Thaiene. Derfor er det et slik et fantastisk sted

Man opplever ting som man aldri ville opplevd i Europa.

Men dem er nå morsomme også da. Se videoen her. Hvem ville gjort dette i Norge?

Men det er ting som jeg selv har adoptert av Thaiene.

Hvis du går på et spisested i Thailand, så får man sjelden kniv og gaffel. Man får Gaffel og skje.

Første gangen dette skjedde skjønte jeg ikke hvordan man spiser kylling med skje?
Men nner thaiene ut at vi har da armer og hender. Så man river kylling i biter og spiser med gaffel og skje

Etter flere ganger med en slik løsning oppdaget jeg at jeg også hjemme i Norge fant meg smed å ta gaffel og skje når jeg hadde middag.
Min mor ble direkte irritert. " Hva i granskauen skal du med skje til søndagsmiddagen" ?

Jeg finner Thaiene merkelige men et herlig folkeslag. Nyt deres merkelige løsninger.    


Mae Klong Train Market


Thaton River Restaurant (Thailand) 


In Hot Water? No Problem for this Thai Chef

Boiling cooking oil is an important part of Thai cooking and something almost all chefs and cooks must take precautions when using… but not Mr. Kan Trichan of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Mr Trichan, who specializes in preparing fried chicken treats, has discovered he has the ability to dip his hands into boiling oil without suffering any burns or blisters whatsoever.

Thai chef claims record for dipping his bare hands into boiling hot cooking oil

Now fifty years old, he has been doing this ever since he learned he had this rather strange but useful ability.

Mr. Trichan learned of his ability rather by accident…in fact, because of an accident. One day, seven year ago, while he was cooking, a marauding squirrel knocked a mango into his cooking wok.

The results could have been catastrophic, at least for Mr. Trichan, but he emerged unhurt as the boiling oil splattered everywhere, including all over him.

He was extremely surprised at his good fortune as he expected to be covered with burns and blisters.

At this time, he realized he had a gift of sorts, and he has been developing it ever since that fateful event.

Mr. Trichan’s special ability has earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

He was able to pull 20 pieces of chicken out of 480 degree oil in less than one minute thus earning this recognition. It has also earned him increasing popularity…even fame.

Nowadays, people travel to his food stall, which is located near Chiang Mai Technical College, about 470 miles north of Bangkok, not only to eat his delicious chicken treats, but to watch him demonstrate his special ability. As time passes, his business is getting better, and better and better.

Mr. Trichan’s experience proves that one man’s disaster is another man’s opportunity.

One must wonder what the future has in store now for Mr. Trichan.

In any event, diners are presently able to enjoy both good food and a good show at Mr. Trichan’s food stall.

Vi i Norge har et utrykk som er " Jo flere kokker jo mer søl". Men dette har aldri Thaiene oppdaget.

Beer with Ice in Phuket
Beer on the Rocks In Thailand, beer needs to be refreshed with ice cubes otherwise it goes warm within minutes.What could be considered as a lack of taste in Europe is widely practiced in most local bars. Try it out and you will discover a new way to appreciate your brew...
Soft Drinks Served in a Plastic Bag
Soft Drinks Served in a Plastic Bag It’s a mystery how Thailand got by before the advent of the plastic bag. They’re used for absolutely everything here – even cups.
Just take some iced tea/coffee, add ice cubes and a straw and away you go.
Soaked Policemen on Songkran Day in Phuket
Soaked Policemen on Songkran Day On Songkran Day, Thailand becomes a huge water battleground. Even the police have no choice in the matter and they get soaked. Can you imagine throwing ice-cold water at a policeman back home?
Read more about Songkran Festival, (Photo Gallery of Songkran in Phuket)

Toilet Paper used as Tissue on Restaurant Tables Some local restaurants in Thailand don’t bother with the formality of table napkins: a simple roll of toilet paper in a container does the trick quite nicely, thank you…
Read more about Phuket restaurants


Several People on a Motorbike In Thailand, if you are not wealthy enough to afford a car, a motorbike will do for you and your family. Up to five people (two adults and three kids) can fit on it, as well as the dog sometimes.
Read more about travel around Phuket
Driving a Bike with an Umbrella
Driving a Bike with an Umbrella Obtaining a motorcycle driving licence is very easy in Thailand and the exam would be considered somewhat of joke in the West. When it rains, you can often see people riding their bikes holding an umbrella in one hand to keep them dry with seeming little or no consideration for the risks they are running such as altered visibility and wind factor. So it's perhaps no surprise that Thailand ranks among the three highest countries in the world in terms of road accident statistics. Read more about travel around Phuket
Abandoned Helmet on the Road
Abandoned Helmet on the Road This is a common sight in Phuket with a simple explanation: most drivers don't wear helmets when riding motorbikes; instead they place them in the basket attached to the front of the bike (see photo above!). Picture the scene; a cop appears a few hundred metres ahead and the driver quickly grabs his helmet in a swift attempt to cover his head. But even then if the motorbike hits a bump in the road off flies the unfastened helmet. Going back against the flow of the traffic to pick it up is not advisable, better buy a new one! 
Gasoline in Whisky Bottles
Gasoline in Whisky Bottles Gas stations are not always easy to find in some areas. Even in Phuket it is recommended to fill your vehicle up before heading out. So some local people have found a simple way to make a bit of money while helping other drivers; they sell gasoline in whisky bottles. You can spot these colourful and somewhat misleading displays in front of houses or small shops here and there.
Beach Chairs Made of Plastic Blue Pipes
Beach Chairs Made of Plastic Blue Pipes Ingeniosity rules! If you are a hotel owner and do not have enough money to invest in proper beach chairs, you will need a budget solution.
And here it is: Collect the spare plastic plumbing left over from your hotel bathroom construction and build your own sun loungers...

Bamboo Scaffolders
Bamboo Scaffolders Bamboo scaffolding secured by rope, no safety harnesses; builders, painters and window cleaners among many others daily risk their life at work.
Indeed, for small Thai companies 'Safety at Work' is by and large still just a 'western concept'...
Parasailing 'Instructor'
Parasailing 'Instructor' On Phuket's beaches, parasailing is a must if you want to see things from above. As most people coming to Phuket are not exactly experts, an ‘instructor’ will accompany you.
The only trouble is that he’s completely unattached – and we don’t mean romantically, either. If he falls, you’ll have to figure out how to land yourself…
Rubber Strips on Truck Wheels
Rubber Strips on Truck Wheels Do you know why Thai truck drivers attach rubber strips above each wheel of their vehicles? To hang their hammock from them when they stop for the night? Nope.
The answer is that it’s an easy way to keep their tyres clean and black. When the truck rolls, the rubber stripes remove the dust and mud. Clever, eh?
Garbage Bins Made from Used Tyres
Garbage Bins Made from Used Tyres Most garbage bins you see on the side of the road in Phuket are made from used tyres.
Phuket Provincial Prison inmates are in charge of making these ingenious creations. Car or truck tyres are turned inside out and sealed on the bottom.
Trucks Overloaded with Workers
Trucks Overloaded with Workers Thai construction workers have enough dangers to deal with on the worksite without needing more but unfortunately just getting to work is a major hazard. Construction bosses think nothing of cramming their entire work force (women included) into the back of small trucks or even pickups. Every morning and evening you will see vehicles, straining and creaking under the weight of workers, all looking remarkably cheerful, considering that sardines have it better.
Weights Made from Cement
Weights Made from Cement
Ingeniosity rules again! How to stay fit if you live in a remote area, far from the ultra-modern fitness clubs available in cities and hotels?
Why, simply build your own weights! Just take some cement, a metal bar and you'll be all set to pump iron, big boy.

Og her er det en som også finner Thailand fantastisk.

Men har mange spørsmål .





Musem of death (NB ! døde menneske på glass)

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