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tirsdag 6. november 2012

Privat etterforskere i Thailand - Private investigator in Thailand

Is She a Gold Digger?  

Cheating Girlfriend:
Thai Cheating Spouse

Is your new Thai Girlfriend Honest?,did you meet her whilst she was working in a bar?.Has she promised to finish work as long as you continue to send her money?.Does she still have a Thai Boyfriend lurking in the background Demanding money from her?.

 Do you have trouble contacting her ?.Is her phone off ?. Is she acting strange when you speak with,maybe you feel there could be another man in the room with her.
These girls think nothing of sleeping with a new man whilst speaking with you on the telephone.The new man is laying there feeling up your girl while she sweet talks with you.
This is very common.

You can take the Girl out of the Bar but you cant take the Bar out of the Girl.This is a FACT. Our Investigators will check out the situation and get you all the facts. You deserve peace of mind and we can guarantee, our private investigators will deliver.

Cheating Thai Men

 See this video about cheating partners

A) - LP Concept Co., Ltd.
252/7 Soi 28/1 Samakorn Village, Ramkamhang Rd. 112,
Sapansung, Bangkok -10240. Thailand.
Phone: +66.(0)2373-4986. Fax: +66.(0)2372-2166. Mobile: +66.(0)81.9220072.



It has always been said that when men choose to cheat on their wives they go to Thailand as Bar-girls in Pattaya and Phuket are found in abundance who offer their services to fill this need. Well flip the coin and you will see a entirely unique side of Thailand. There are many cases where a single man visits Thailand whether on business or vacation and ultimately ends up picking up a woman from the wrong place. He unwittingly falls in love with her and ends up being brokenhearted and swindled out of funds.

Normally, these kind of women will be in constant lookout for unsuspecting stranger to become a victim of them. In many cases some of these women may be married or have steady boyfriend but to make ends meet or maybe for pleasure they choose to cheat.

The man will meet her and seems so demure and will become hooked by her behavior. The unfortunate thing is that he does not know that she is in fact one of the best manipulators around. She knows what to say and when to say it to get the most out of the deal. They usually have the best stories to evoke pity from the unsuspecting male and of course cash. The poor man is now smitten and he don't even realize that he is being swindled by the Thai woman he loves.

What has been happening in most cases is that the will hook the unsuspecting visitor, pledge their undying love for him and promise to wait for him until his return. And now when the man is no longer in the girl's country, she will still asks for money from him and milk him for all that he has got and yet do this as she looks for another victim and do the same thing with him all over again.

Getting money for men is big business in Thailand and as such men have to be very careful when they go there to visit. Unsuspecting men are the targets of these Thai women who are seeking for money. They hope that these men can provide easy money for them. 


So do not be so stupied as this man.One thing that thailand has enough of is women.

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Thai infidelity claim brings strong denials 

German Stabs UdonThani Thai Girlfriend 17 Times


Thais top the infidelity charts

Thai men are ranked on top and their women are ranked second as the world's most unfaithul lovers, with well over half of them admitting to frequent infidelity, according to a survey conducted by Durex, a condom producer.
Women from Thailand are ranked the world's second most unfaithul lovers, according to the survey report.
The survey of 29,000 women in 36 countries names the women of Ghana the world's most unfaithful, with 62 per cent of the women questioned there admitting they often cheat on their boyfriends and husbands.

Girls are not easy to comprehend or handle. And that in itself is an understatement.

While mood swings and unpredictable behaviour are common traits of women, there are a handful who add unreasonable difficulty in managing them. If you are in a relationship with one such woman, then you need to hold your ground and learn how to tactfully handle her and the situation.

1. Don’t compromise
A difficult girlfriend can jeopardize your relationship and also your sense of self. So as to ensure she doesn’t harm your mental health in any way, you must learn to hold your ground and not over compromise. Most women like their men soft but firm. Keep giving in, and you just set the precedent for future incidents where your girl will EXPECT you to always be the one to give in and give her what she wants’ no matter how irrational or unreasonable that demand may be.

2. Draw boundaries
Having well defined boundaries will also help in handling the situation. Have a clear sense of what behavior is acceptable and what is not. If she oversteps, then it falls on you to get her back on track. You can do this in a gentle yet strict manner; you don’t have to get aggressive or violent.

3. Communicate
Maybe she is behaving difficult because she is insecure or she isn’t happy with something in the relationship. If she doesn’t initiate conversation, you should. Ask her what is wrong and why she is behaving the way she is. Communicating and talking over things can help salvage the situation. Communication fosters a better understanding of the different issues and problems at hand, and will definitely bring you two closer to both preventing and resolving potential conflicts.

4. Patience
Sometimes, what action cannot achieve, patience can. The key to a successful relationship is patience and you must make it a point to practice some. A lot of people make the mistake of being impatient, which in any kind of relationship, can ruin things pretty quickly.

5. Seek professional help
There is no shame in seeking professional help. Go for couple counseling sessions and work through your problems with the assistance of a professional. This might really help save your relationship and will help her understand how she needs to take it down a notch. It may also be that she is being difficult for some other reason – might be another boyfriend on the side, or she’s running some sort of scam on you, which entails enlisting the services of a professional private investigation agency.

6. Ignore/call it off
If the situation gets unreasonable and the girlfriend, too demanding, it is best to ignore the whole thing. If that doesn’t work, then it is time to call it off.

You can also consider the reason she is being difficult. Maybe it is because there’s something happening behind the scenes that you aren’t aware of. It may be that you can help and things will become better and your situation will improve, or maybe the issue is something darker and deeper than you imagined, and you need to get out of the relationship – NOW.

Ditching A Manipulative Girlfriend

Getting rid of a girlfriend is quite dicey, often leading to unexpected repercussions, and breaking-up with a manipulative girlfriend is even more challenging. The reason is simple—being manipulative, she obviously knows how to take charge of your emotions, forcing you to think and act according to what she deems is acceptable.

If this particularly tricky aspect is not handled properly, you could end-up being overwhelmed with guilt, as she overpowers your viewpoint using her manipulative skills. You might be caught in a relationship where you are always want to exit but keep getting sucked back into by her manipulative maneuvering. So, how do you solve this predicament? The following tips will help you:

Choosing the Right Break-up Place
You might be thinking of breaking up in a way that doesn’t involve face to face interaction with her since she might get an opportunity to manipulate your emotions with her facial expressions. However, you need to be courageous and do the exact opposite. Choose a crowded place where she cannot comprehensively engage your attention. The more crowded and louder the spot, the better it is for you. It solves many purposes. For starters, she wouldn’t be able to blame you for choosing an undignified way of breaking-up like an SMS. Secondly, the commotion surrounding you won’t provide her sufficient space and a calm environment that would be required to coercing you into thinking that she is heartbroken. This gives you the leverage of being able to announce the breakup without being confronted too harshly. She would think a thousand times before trying to create a ruckus as it would engage too much attention.

Distribute the Blame
Don’t take the blame entirely on you or she will get the opportunity to walk all over your plans and make you feel guilty. Don’t push the entire blame on her as she might get the chance to manipulate a heart-felt apology that you will find hard to resist. Take the middle path of distributing the blame. Tell her that you find her too overbearing and the compatibility just isn’t there. Take partial blame for not being emotionally strong to correct such things and being too impatient for investing time into this relationship. The reasons should be such that they give her the minimal chance of using any leverage to induce pity or sympathy from you. Keep Yourself Emotionally Strong
Breaking-up is hard anyways and if your girlfriend is manipulative, there is every chance that she might try to challenge your reasons for ending the relationship. You need to be emotionally strong. Listen to her reasoning but don’t give-in. Tell her that you understand her perspective but your mind is made-up. Bring-up issues like you are sure that marriage is not meant for someone like you and you don’t see this relationship having a future.

Be Prepared Against the Relapse Trap
She is most likely to try and reconnect with you in some way. This could include calling you and initiating conversations about places that you loved as a couple or the intimate moments you had spent together. It is obvious that you might get a bit emotional when discussing such topics but keep reminding yourself that her attempt to reconnect is just the first step towards squashing your independence again


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