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lørdag 8. september 2012

Are you sending post from Chiang Mai? Be aware off this fake postoffice!


Fake "postoffice" in Chiang Mai.

Are you sending post from Chiang Mai? Be aware. There are many fake postoffices in the area. Like this in Ratchadamnoen Road, close to Tae Pae Gate and Black Canyon Coffee.

Go directly to the postoffice. Its no reason why you should go through this expensive and horrible middle «institution». What this «postoffices» do is to overcharge you alot for doing a job you easy can do your self. After they have charged you a lot of money, they just take your pack 1 km and post it for much less money than you paid them.


My experience with this spesific «post office»

I had a pack whitch I wanted to reach Norway fast because it contained some special gifts. So I paid alot more to get it to Norway in 1-2 weeks (they promised). After one week I tracked my pack and «no items» found. I went to this «post office» and they said that it was send. It was not. They were lying in my face. 3 days later it was registred at the real post office.
In other words, I paid extra for 1-2 weeks delivery. And the fake postoffice waited 10 days before they send my pack!! After 2 weeks my pack was in Bangkok!
I went to the fake postoffice and told them what happened in a polite way. They got angry and said «I dont care about you!» And thats right because according to  thaipeople I asked in Chiang Mai this people only care about money and not their customers. Thaipeople never use this kind of «post offices».
Many people think this is a real post office because of authentic signs. But they are not. Its better to take your stuff in a tuk tuk and go to real post office. Its cheaper, the pack will be sent right away and the service is more professional.


Postoffice close to Tae Pae Gate

Prasing Post Office
T. Phra Singh,
A. Muang,
Chiang Mai 50200
Maybe 3 minute and 50 bath in a tuktuk and you are at the post office near wat Phra Singh (this is where the fake postoffice near Black Canyon coffee take your pack for a lot of money). There are many other postoffices in Chiang Mai. Ask the staff at your guesthouse/ hotel about the closest one. Save money! Make sure you do the smartest choice to get your things to arrive safe and in time.

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