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torsdag 28. november 2013

Day 2 of the big bang

Today it will continue with closing Ministry. 
This link seems now to work. But might be problem with later on.

See live tv

The video from yesterday on Bluesky Channel:

Anti Thaksin website
The People's Alliance for Democracy

Update News will be posted here.

There are said that other Country not understand what is going on in Thailand. But they will after this. This told on tv last night. And in many ways i agree with the Thai people.

Here we have a crises that also involve the western and the news not show anything. Where are the reporters. They go to Gaza and other war area, but not come and see what is really going on.

You not see how the goverment force, and not see how this affect workers in any area. 
UN is very near the area that now has protesters, why nobody try to find out what is happening?  
 Also people got really angry about USA statment yesterday. And now they start to think USA are on Thaksin side.

There are not many clear message from other Country in the news. WHY ?

Videos that is postet on youtube that try to tell us in the western Country what is going on.

Yingluck Shinawatra, The Terrorist Thaksin's Puppet Government

There are many like this now in thailand.

Thailand protests: Then and Now

The People are now starting to move

It was now a voting about if they trust Priminister Yingluck. 
The out come was 295 / 135 . 
So That mean that all democrate lose again. This will again trigger more uprise.
 Thaksin has his power in Parliament, but what happen when people take power back?

What can be done if no ministry can preform there politic that goverment want to get done. Nobody at work, then nothing will be done. The whole thing is really strange for a western.

Why talk about things like nothing happening. And make decision that nobody will put into action? 

Nothing is done about protest? And try to solve the problem.  

Read more here

Yingluck, Charupong survive censure vote

The protester are now at Ministry of Defense
Time 11:57

Ministry of Education

The Police has taken this Ministry as their base
time 12:21
It is said that this is Thaksin people and his friends from earlier
 If this is broken by protester, then it is a big lose for Yingluck.

 "in my Opinion this will never been taken easy"
DSI Chang Wattanan

Yesterday i was i Chang Wattana and i have never seen so many cars late at night.

Ministry of Education still hold

 It have been a long fight for the democrat people.

Today i come to the step that i thought might happen. They was not able to take Ministry of Education. And went head office of police and tried to get support. The police come out to talk but it is now come to a hold.

The headquarters of Thailand's central police were evacuated yesterday after more than 1,000 protesters had surrounded the building. The power was cut.

Distrust Proposal to Thailand's prime minister rejected. 
A total of 297 representatives voted against distrust, while 134 members voted for

 And it is told that this will be over in 2-3 days.


Bangkok Post

Invasions spread as govt digs in 

People's parliament' plan stirs cheers, jeers

PM admits rice panel absences

Democrats intensify campaign to end 'Thaksin regime'

Abhisit: Dems will strive to oust 'Thaksin regime

PM looks at emergency decree as an option

Power' struggle at police HQ 

The Nation

Cabinet eyes new venues for meeting

Suthep must rethink his failed-state plans

Protesters lay siege to more ministries; some officials express support

Democrat attacks PM, govt over rice scheme

Pheu Thai 'in dilemma' over Thaksin's shadow: Chaturon

State offices will continue to function: Pracha

Huge crowd shuts down water-plan forum

UN secretary general raises concerns about Thai protests

PM rejects protesters' call for people's council

Rally site at the Democracy Monument is still on : Sathit

 Al Jazeera

Thai PM calls for end to opposition protests

BBC News

Thai PM appeals to protesters after surviving no-confidence vote

Phuket Wan

British Government Update Advises Citizens to Avoid Bangkok, Phuket Protests




The Times of india

Thai political protests spread outside Bangkok 



Thai Demonstrators Seek to End Thaksin’s Political Dominance

“If they have no ministries or officials to work for them, this government will crumble,” Suthep told supporters in Bangkok late yesterday. “If nobody comes out to protest, we will become slaves of the Thaksin system forever.”


Kuttet strømmen til Thailands politihovedkvarter

Mistillitsforslag mot Thailands statsminister nedstemt

Video Colletion

Bloopers! Ex-Priminister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra

Thaksin speaks and sings in Oslo, Norway, november 2nd 2013

 Thaksin Shinawatra movement in the world


Human Right Violation by Thaksin Shinawatra

Takbai Human Right Violation

Yingluck's election campaign: A controversial figure

Thaksin Shinawatra in Montenegro 26 april 2010

Yingluck Shinawatra wins Thai elections


Investigative Journalism into Controversial Thailand


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