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onsdag 27. november 2013

Waiting for the big bang.

There was big problem with internet yesterday. And i was not able to update any news on the blogg.

Not many things happen because the meeting in parliament.
People are waiting for what happen next. First the the leader are not arrested yet. Many news come on this, but he was on tv last night.

To arrest him will make things worse, because he are calming people down. Many people want to futher. And without him there might be more problem.

Picture from people in finance department was sent to Thaibloggen, but i think it might be used later against people. The tension in thailand is now high. I also hear people around my condo.

Many that work in overment system are now home. Also some people that support the protest are now at work. The big problem might come on saturday. I might stay inside on saturday because this might be a dangerous time. Without the leader people might go to far.

The are many people that was with redshirt that has changed side. People do not want Thaksin regim any more. More and more stories about how things are done under this regim are now heard.
Corruption is filled in this regim. And people are bought from police to member in parlament.
Thaksin really use his money now.

There is here some news. All department are now a target. I advise all foreigner to stay away. 

The parlament meeting went all the way to 03:00 at night. And i will try to get some information out on the blogg. 
If nothing come out for a while it mean that internet might be down. 

Here is what happen to people that is against the redshirt.
This woman was on stage and gave her support.

Look at here car.

Redshirt with acid throw this onto the car.

Protests in Thailand

Press Statement

Jen Psaki
Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
November 25, 2013

The U.S. Government is concerned about the rising political tension in Thailand and is following the ongoing demonstrations in Bangkok closely. We urge all sides to refrain from violence, exercise restraint, and respect the rule of law. Violence and the seizure of public or private property are not acceptable means of resolving political differences.
We call upon all sides to uphold international norms that guarantee freedom of the press and the safety of journalists. The United States firmly believes all parties should work together to resolve differences through peaceful dialogue in ways that strengthen democracy and rule of law.
As long-time friends of Thailand, we strongly support the Thai nation and its people during this period.


TV Link that is importen to follow:

Blue Sky Channel ( This is the only link i can find that show picture)


(I am sorry about the picture around the video window, but it is the only link that seems to work)


"The embarrassment leader"



Youtube video that tell about this

Yingluck Shinawatra in Davos.with utterly broken English


The Thai people feel that Yingluck make them embarrassed, and have send me some info on this.

Yingluck has a degree from USA. But only can read from notes. And sometime she not understand what to read and how she should speak.

This is some picture of yingluck having a good time.
She is only a human also, but this is something that Thai people not feel proud about.



Yingluck out on the town, the guy holding Yingluck is the redshirt leader.

Then there is other stories they feel is not suitable for the head of goverment.



Proud Thai people feel embarrassed about this. And you have to remember that Thai people are very concerned about things that might give embarrassment.

The behavior of someone is nr.1 

There are news that say that only 100 000 people joint the protest.

Look at this video. Do this looks like 100 000 people ?

There was in the news told that it was 2 mill people out in the street.
And in saturday it might be more. If now the democracy leader get arrested. Then it might be a big problem.

People listen to there leader. And if he is not in there it might be someone that go very far. 

I wonder how Thaksin think about his security in Thailand if he return.
There have been people with very clear message to him. There was people that on tv told that they will take him out . I do not know about this but that scare me .

And if there is 1-2 million people in the street. At least some people in there might go to a longer step.

If Thaksin returns to Thailand he must have guard all the time.
What kind of life is that? Not be able to walk in the street.

I think he might have a better life in Dubai. Also people in Thailand might continue without Thaksin regim.

And Thaksin might still have his company AIS and other and still make money.
For a normal human being that might be enough.

I have no problem to understand that Thaksin want to help people i rual area . But he might still be able to do that. By making his money to do some good in that area.

Many political leaders has left in shame and never return .


Richard Nixon

That not mean that his life was without meaning.And it might be time for Thaksin to understand that he is unwanted by many.

To follow the way to make your own rules, just because you have money to do so.Then you create a world that is same and an dictatorship. 

If a people are split like Thai people are now, then it is not good for anybody.
The respect of laws should be overhold by both side. But if someone use their power and break the law then other side will do the same thing.
And soon we are in a state where no laws will be overheld.

Ministry taken by protest people:

- Labour Ministry and the Social Development and Human Security Ministry.

- Industry and Information and Communication Technology ministries.

- Agriculture, Tourism and Transport ministries

NOW !!!
Picture from Goverment center Chaeng Wattana - Center are been taken now

 The Police close ministry of energy right Now

The police said to all goverment official that " not work for this goverment all employees  "please go home, do not work for this goverment"

People that work in the ministry come out and show happines and see for yourself.

" The sound of 1000 whisles are heard" Shouting Yinglack"
                                                  "Camera are all around police now"


Goverment official giving gift to protesting people

See all the people outside the gate

"Fight start in the parliament "

The guards broke the fight and now they are going on the meeting.

" Things are now happening so fast, so i hope my readers understand if i write something wrong"

Chaeng Wattana road right now !


What is strange is that bluesky not work

But see the redshirt channel

People are still coming into Chaneng Wattana

People are moving to next step.

And that is Ministry of Sosial development and human Security‎

 Ministry of Labor is now taken

DSI Chang wattana

15:52 "There seems less news is now coming in

Map over places that was taken

Other pictures

Suthep Thaugsuban with roses

See the story when police tried to take him

จิตภัสร์ EN 26 11 56

A strange developing has happen.

DSI are now totally surrounded

The people that put arrest order for Suthep Thaugsuban, now have him now outside their buildning.

But the whole Change Wattana and all roads are now filled with protest people.

"Also uncomfirmed news is that Yingluck have talked to ministry of defense and has now left the parliament.I see from tv that her chair is empty"

Some news also come in this page:

Live tv - The Nation
(NB ! Facebook attack virus on that link)

Goverment officials are welcome in the protest people and are smiling .
People are friendly and take good care of one another.The whole thing look like a freedom fight. Many that was redshirt are now united and walk with yellow shirt.

This because they are tired of this goverment.

I recommend to read this article and see the video

"Taxisjåfører i Bangkok kommer hovedsaklig fra jordbruksområdene nordøst-Thailand og tilhører Shinawat-regjeringens solide fundament hver gang det er valg i Thailand. Det skulle vise seg at til og med taxisjåførene i Bangkok begynner å få nok av dagens regjering."

Bangkok Post
Ex-Bersatu head to join peace forum

Paradorn says seizing ministries will backfire on rally 

PM unsure of army's stance after HQ switch

NSC: No plan to disperse protesters

Protesters briefly seize police vehicles
Protest planned at Chaeng Wattana

Protesters target 6 more ministries

Protesters lay siege to govt offices in South

Protesters seize Energy Ministry

More ministries paralysed by protests

The Nation

Democrats split over Suthep's occupation tactic

Surapong tells UN, govts of protest chaos

Thailand facing acid test of its democratic principles

Occupy state offices: Suthep

Suthep said state officials should "stop being a tool for the Thaksin regime". 


Doctors call for health minister to be dumped

Hundreds of protesters will march from Silom to police headquarters

Anti-government protests spread to provinces

Protesters welcomed as they move on ministries

Commerce Ministry is closed

Suthep camps out at Govt Complex

Govt offices instructed to prepare contingency plans


Asian Correspondent

Thai protesters call for nationwide uprising


Live news (update min by min)



Fem svar på hva som skjer i Thailand


Al Jazeera

 In pictures: Thailand's days of rage 



Politihovedkvarter evakuert i Bangkok


BBC News

Thai protesters force evacuation of top crime agency


New York Times

Demonstrations in Bangkok Raise Concerns About Stability of Thailand

In Thailand, Power Comes With Help From Skype


Thaksin Shinawatra,the former prime minister

Circles the globe in his private jet, chatting with ministers over his dozen cellphones, texting over various social media platforms and reading government documents e-mailed to him from civil servants, party officials say. It might be described as rule by Skype. Or governance by instant messenger, a way for Mr. Thaksin to help run the country


Newly citizen of Montenegro -Thaksin Shinawatra

Buying The Way To Power - Thailand 

Thailand: The Unfinished Revolution 

Thaksin Shinawatra on the comeback tour


Thai PM looks to heal divided nation




And by this i say good night. I will try tomorrow to update all things that i can.

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