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torsdag 21. november 2013

The Vikings

See this video.

THE VIKINGS: Who Were They? 1 / 3

Did you know that these have Viking blood?

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund

Yaya is an famous actor in Thailand. And her dad is from Norway


 Robert Mitchum

 Priscilla Presley


Marilyn Monroe

They all have 1 thing in common, they have descendants from Norway.

See the complete list of famous people with viking blood in their body.

 This is a list of notable Norwegian Americans, including both original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants

 The Vikings had many Gods, but nowadays there are movies about Thor.

Thor was an Norwegian God and now also


The Avengers

 The guy next to Ironman, well that is Thor The Viking from Norway

 Map where Vikings travelled and you will find people with viking blood in many of these Country.

This article will be updated more....and are written because Thai people dont know much about Norway.

See route of The Vikings

Norwegian is was in old time called Vikings

The Vikings found USA before colombus.Today many Norwegian lives in USA.

The Norse colonization of the Americas began as early as 10th century AD

- 2013 census5,063,709
- Density15.5/km2
35/sq mi

Norway’s oil history in 5 minutes

The logo to Yara is a viking boat

logo dtac small
Salomon in Thailand is most of the time from Norway

 Water the many shop in Thailand have.

Bård Eker that design cars for Saab and own this company

well he is from? Norway

So what more is Norwegian
 The Name SIRI that your iphone has, well that is Norwegian

In Laos and Myanmar There is my old workplace  

This company also most of the powerstations in Sweden

Norway keep their money "oil fund" .

Here is what they own

Company in Thailand with Norwegian ownership

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