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tirsdag 12. november 2013

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Western Guys Make With Thai Women

 This is the view from an western woman:

1. Good Thai Girls Won't Talk To You First. If you come to Thailand to meet a girl, and a Thai girl talks to you before you talk to her, believe me, she's not a good Thai girl. Well brought up Thai girls from good families are taught never to talk to men first, and definitely never approach one. So, no matter how much the girl tries to persuade you otherwise, she's not a good Thai girl. Good Thai girls are shy and reserved and you will have to approach them. But where?

Yes it is true the part of brought up right. But now a days Thai girls has changed a lot.
The try to be more western and use the way of korean woman.

But here is what i have picked up.

If a thaigirl has big breast, then she in most cases has done surgery.
Then the next thing is to ask, why she did that ? In Thailand you are looked down on .And there are moviestarts that was famous in Thailand that made big breast. And after they lost all jobs because of that.

So good Thai girls do not have big sillicon breast.

Thai girls do other surgery that is accepted and might do that to follow the trend.  But in most cases a Thaiwoman that has good behavior will not do same as western woman.

2. Where To Meet A Good Thai Girl. A lot of Thai women like Western men and would love one as a boyfriend. Thai men often have the reputation of having too many girlfriends and a lot of them still have a mistress (or mia noi) even after they get married. Consequently, quite a few educatedThai girls aren't that interested in marrying a Thai guy. These girls also think that Western men are better (I'm not sure if that's true, but who am I to judge!) A great way to meet Thai women is to hang out in coffee shops or bookstores. Thai women will tend to go around in groups, so you might have to have enough courage to chat to several Thai women at once. But, sitting at a table next to a group of Thai women and asking them to help you with the menu is a great way to get started. Thais are very helpful and many of them love to practice English. You will get a lot of giggles and blushes but there will be at least one girl in the group who will help you and then talk to you more than the others.

Bookstores are also great places to meet women (if you're in Bangkok, Kinokuniya at Siam Paragon mall is a good one) and some of them have coffee shops too. So, if you strike up a conversation with a nice girl, you could suggest having a cup of coffee to continue the conversation.

A friend of mine met his Thai now-wife on a boat in Bangkok. Going from the main shopping area to one of the temples, he took a small klong (canal) boat. He ended up sitting next to a Thai woman and they started to talk. One year later, he was married to her. She's smart, well educated, from a nice family and is an awesome wife.
One place not to expect to meet a good Thai girl is in a bar. While some good Thai girls will go to bars with friends, most won't, as most good Thai girls don't drink. If you meet a Thai girl in a bar, especially if she's outgoing and a bit aggressive, she's not the good girl she says she is.


What most people do not know is that many Thaigirls that work in goverment, are single woman.

When i visit my wife at her work place there is 80 % or more single woman.

And they are all intrested in how my wife found me. We get many times question how to find a nice western man.

So if you are in Thailand why not try to ask a goverment woman out? Or a woman that work in a regular job.

You will not find a good woman in a bar. That is a woman that never want a family life.
And there are many traps here. But the way is to see the traps xbar girls use.

3. Dinner With The Chaperone. Once you've met a nice Thai girl and want to see her again, ask her out for dinner. Thais love to eat more than any other nationality on the planet and they love going out to dinner. However, a good Thai girl will always bring a friend, a sister, or a cousin with her on at least the first two or three dates (sometimes more) and you will be expected to pay for both of them. Good Thai girls always have to have a chaperone so, if the girl you meet immediately agrees to meet you for dinner alone, chances are she's not a good girl.


 Never take her out in a place that serve sushi or has a cook yourself choice at the table.

Why ? here is why, the food might be bad choice for your western belly and you might get food poison really fast.

And that might end the date very fast.

So here is my idea. Take her to a pizza and a movie like you do i your homeland. You enjoy a good meal that you not get sick. And you have then your mind on how to impress your lovely girl.

4. What to Buy Thai Girls As Gifts. Thai girls just love getting gifts and that's one thing Thai guys are very good at. As a potential new boyfriend therefore, you will be expected to give her a gift or gifts. It doesn't have to be too expensive (expecting very expensive gifts is another dead giveaway that your girl isn't such a good one), but it should be cute. Thai girls of any age (even in their 40s) love soft toys. A teddy bear, rabbit, fluffy cat or stuffed whale will be fawned over and loved. Chocolates are also adored, as are flowers. You can buy huge bouquets of flowers at the markets in Thailand, often for less than $5 and the seller will arrange them in an elaborate bouquet for you. Thai girls love them.

Yes the woman that wrote this is right.
What did i do.

I bought her perfum from the taxfree shop when i left Norway. Then i bought choclates from Norway.
I did not use regular western behavior and be rude. I was very polite and after a while i showed that i really like her.

But a good way also to make a talk through skype or LINE.

Thai always use line,

So if you found a woman on Thai love link use line to talk to her before you visit

5. Meeting The Family. Thais are very connected to their families and their family will be more important than anything, including you. If your Thai girl starts to get serious about you, she will expect you to meet her family. And, if you start getting serious, at least once weekly lunches or dinners will be expected. If, after a few weeks, you haven't met her family either she doesn't like you enough, her parents don't approve of Westerners, or she's trying to hide something about them. None of these are good signs and if, after asking, you still don't get to meet the family, it might be time to look for another girl.


Yes true again. When you meet her family bring a gift for the family.
Might be something from you homeland.

Also after you have met them take the family out for dinner. It does not cost more then 500 baht max 800 baht.

I toke 9 people out for 800 baht.

Ask and show intresed in her family and key to all is mum and dad. Most of the time her dad is a way to get a foot inside the door. I got her dad a gift and he liked it and soon i was in.

6. Be Sweet To Her. One thingThai guys are really good at is being sweet. They sweet talk girls, they are always kind to them, they buy them gifts, they take them out for lunch, and they allow the girls to think they're the boss (well, most of the time, they are!). Consequently, a Thai girl is going to expect you to act the same. If you are too aggressive, too rude, not polite when you're out with her, and expect her to have sex with you, she won't stick around for very long. Think about your long-term goals, and be patient. Thai women usually make amazing wives, so treat her nicely from the minute you meet her and you won't be sorry.

Ingeniøren: That is all right

7. Try To Find A Girl You Have Something In Common With. Too many Western men in Thailand marry Thai women they have nothing in common with. Many of them marry women who don't speak much English and they don't speak much Thai. A year later, the gild has gone of the lily and they're bored stiff with their marriage and their wife. There are many Thai women who would like to have a Western boyfriend or husband so choose carefully. Try to meet girls you have something in common with and who speak some English. Especially in Bangkok, there are many educated girls and most of them will speak some English.

Ingeniøren :

Do never take a girl that is to young. That is a common mistake by western. Get a girl half your own age .
That it a NO NO.
Also if she has a eduction she should speak some english. If she not speak a word. That is your first warning light.

She migh come from poor family from isaan . And i never want anybody i know to have an isaan wife. Sorry but to many cases with isaan girls is know as gold digger wifes.

Sorry girls but the truth is the truth.
 You might be beautiful but it is a know fact that isaan woman has to many things from her past that not mix with family life.

Also if the woman has a tattoo that is an way to she she might have worked in a bar.
A good woman will never take a tattoo in Thailand. This is looked down on from educated people.

8. Don't Expect A Good Thai Girl To Have Sex With You. Now, of course this is slowly changing but, overall, most good Thai girls will not have sex with you until they marry you. At least 60 to 70% of Thai women are virgins when they get married, so they'll expect you to wait to have sex too. Of course, there are definitely Thai women who are having sex before marriage but it's not a subject they will talk about, even with close friends. So, if you meet a Thai girl, she jumps into bed with you right away and seems to know what she's doing, there's only a miniscule chance in heck that she's a good girl.

Here a big mistake. Yes she is right, but a bar woman has some way to hid this. She will wait almost until she has period and then have sex.
This is known in Thailand and they do it because they then say she never had sex before. 

What man would not be proved to be the first ?

And yes if you are in bad very fast, then that woman has a past in a bar.

Don't forget, Thai girls are just like anyone else. They want a man who will love them, take care of them and protect them. They will expect you to honor and respect their family and to help their family if needed (both emotionally and financially). In return, they will love and take care of you and, quite frankly, will often make a better wife than a lot of Western women. So, if you're coming to Thailand to meet a Thai woman, keep these few tips in mind and you won't be disappointed.

Think this was written by a white woman .

I have something more to add. Thai woman always watch drama on TV. And they will sometimes act like the drama from tv.
Shout and scream if they are upset. 

Here is a tip: Keep your head cool. And answer very slow and nice back. Do never answer hard back.

You will lose that war belive you me. I might have right but i always answer in a calm way. even i am pissed off.

You might win the fight by slow things down and never use high voice. Even if she do.
That she will later respect you of. And you will win more fights in the future.

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