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søndag 24. november 2013

Tomato Police and their way to stop protest in Thailand.

There are now 1 million people in the street of Bangkok. And now it will be a 3 day fight.
This is the biggest protest that i ever seen.
Today i have to go down in this area. And i will take some picture so my readers can see.

Titusenvis demonstrerte i Bangkok

Finally Norwegian newspaper tell about this! Thaibloggen think it is a big shame that news in Norway not have more about this.

Where is the news on this?

Today it have been a really uprise in Thailand.

All group are now united and will protest in a lagre united front against Thaksin.

So when people now come from all part of Thailand there are ways to stop the people from coming into Bangkok.

The yellow shirt has now made a name on Police that is Thaksin supporters, they call them Tomato police.

And the Tomato police has now gone to some strange ways to stop people to gether in Bangkok.

By using spikes in the road. They stop people from south Thailand to enter Bangkok.

This is an busdriver that has gotten his tires "spiked". Did they really think about people inside the bus. What if this bus had a big crash because of the tired got blown .

And what about people that meet cars and bus that might be out of controll because of blown tires.
I know that police in Norway never would have done this .

Is this really the way to stop people that not agree to the goverment?

It is now around 400 000 people in Bangkok that are protesting against Thaksin second hand goverment.

People from the south might join when there tires are ok. 

I ask all to view the TV link on this blogg. And see the uprise in Bangkok.

Also there was a monk to day on stage. He talk about taking care of each other . This monk was in the morning treatend by redshirt that he might come into an accident.
The speech from this monk was without any political view. And only about how we all should try to live together.

When someone then want to go so far as to make a threat on a monks life then it is time to think.

Is this a democracy that have people go this fare to hold on to power ?
And redshirt or not, this is not the way.

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